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Posted On 06 Sep 2021 at 11:22 pm

legpuppy live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)


Brighton based Blue Door Music Productions certainly knows how to think outside the box when lining up interesting music acts as there’s nothing really straightforward with these guys!

Tonight, they were putting on three bands and a DJ at The Prince Albert for the Brighton music punters. On the bill were Leg Puppy, The Pink Diamond Revue, Pixelstorm and electronic music DJ Trepanic.

We didn’t have far to go for this gig as we ventured up from Resident music in Kensington Gardens, having just witnessed an awesome instore performance by Chubby And The Gang. Read our review HERE.

By the time we arrived and ordered our well deserve amber nectar, we had missed DJ Trepanic and so we start our focus at The Prince on The Pink Diamond Revue who were have had the joy of witnessing a few times of late.

ACid DoL from The Pink Diamond Revue ‘live’ (or not) at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

Once you have seen a live set from this outfit, it’s very unlikely that you will ever forget having seen them. They are most certainly eccentric, captivating and totally enjoyable in a retro 1960’s chic kinda way.

The ‘band members’ could be more different if you tried! They are fronted by ‘ACiD DoL’ a leftover model from another time and another dimension. During the eight track 32 minute set from 8:31pm to 9:03pm, she shows off her nostalgic fashion wear and moves with ease with the assistance of her devoted ‘Thin White Duke’ guitar banging owner, London based guitarist and vocalist Tim Lane. I know of no-one else in the whole music industry who pulls off a better pose than Tim. Tonight, this slender tattooed creature with bright guyliner is immaculately attired in a purple suit and dressed to make a statement – I am a star (in the making). Conversely, completing the trio is the missing man of mystery in the background Reading based drummer Rob Courtman Stock. He is your everyman and you fail to notice he is there on metronomic drums, holding the performance together.

Tim Lane live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

The Pink Diamond Revue sound is unique and borrows from a host of differing styles that when married together make a perfect match. There’s the electro-amalgam of 1987-89 ‘Music For The Masses’ era Depeche Mode; the electro-psych vibe of TVAM; ‘Peter Gunn’ flavour Art Of Noise; a snippet of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and lashings and lashings of Sheep On Drugs imagery and sounds that the likes of Marc Almond would adore. The Pink Diamond Review sees it as “A world where ‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house in a baggy-punk rathole somewhere in Interzone”.

There are no microphones on stage for this trio, as there are no vocals other than those contained on the pre-recorded backing tracks. The Prince Albert sound tonight, however, is the clearest I’ve ever heard. I conveyed my approval to the guy on the mixing desk at the end of the night. He seems taken aback, but delighted.

The band also have a backdrop behind them, which runs selected film snippets mainly from a bygone age in order to enhance the atmosphere and the overall absorption of their ethics and ideas. It works! Perfectly!

Rob Courtman Stock live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

The only way to improve on this near perfect performance would be to include their take on the epic James Bond ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ theme, which was made famous by Shirley Bassey in 1971.

The Pink Diamond Revue are imminently set to drop their new 3 minutes and 13 seconds of pure joy in ‘The Fuzz Guitar’, which is dropped on 21st October. I’ve heard the promo and it’s a very much welcomed addition to The PDR electronic rock’n’roll roster. This is a must see band!

The Pink Diamond Revue setlist:
‘Ivy’s Photograph’
‘New Kind Of Life’
‘Don’t Lose Your Head’
‘The Fuzz Guitar’
‘Miss Lonely Hearts’
‘At The Discotheque’

More info on The Pink Diamond Review can be found HERE.

legpuppy live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

Next up, were actually the headliners for a change in South London’s legpuppy, who were originally formed amongst a backdrop of bingo callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats and clown worshipers. They are an electro-post-punk/multi-media trio who continue their satirical attack on the modern world with tracks including ‘Meds and Beer (Corporate Life)’, ‘Selfie Stick Narcissistic Prick’, ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Twit Machine’.

I would like to confirm that a legpuppy live show can be compared to the early days of The KLF, although the band are yet to earn one million pounds, although they did apparently get a free orange squash at an unnamed London venue.

Their latest video is titled ‘Dick Pic (Open That Inbox)’ and the trio continue their social comment by stating: “There’s only one way to find your soulmate online, and that’s send them an unsolicited ‘Dick Pic’. This track goes out to all those dickheads, you know who you are!”. Enjoy their tongue in cheek thrusting video HERE.

legpuppy live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

This Prince Albert concert was a showcase for what they’re all about; humour, satire, and a whole lot of personality. legpuppy are possibly for fans of ‘satirical humour’ who enjoy the sounds of Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, Sheep On Drugs, Underworld, Joy Division and The Fall.

Having listened to a number of legpuppy tunes prior to witnessing them live for the very first time, I totally got where they were coming from and continually chuckled at their take on the evils of modern society and how disproportionate this funny blue planet’s inhabitants can be. I totally got that people who would be attending their unusual performance would be in two opposing camps: The “wow that’s a novel and clever way of interpreting things” and the “what the f*ck is going on here!”. Three of us in our group of attendees were in the former group and sadly, one was in the latter. But hey, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Tonight’s unique legpuppy set consisted of a mere half a dozen numbers, despite having released something like five albums worth of tongue-in-cheek social commentary. This evening, the first floor door flung open and in paraded a chap in a gimp-mask banging a triangle followed by a masked young lady with a toy dog on a lead (that I got to stroke after the set). Oh Christ, let’s not hope they go “All hail the radish” otherwise I’m off home!

legpuppy live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

The time is 9:27pm and ‘Lucid 23’ and ‘Dick Pic’ begin their set. Ditties about the trials and tribulations of online dating websites – you have been warned! In essence this set is a PA gig with the chap (real name Darren who does work in an office, but don’t say I told you so!) offering his socials comments atop of a backing track of mainly pumping but quirky dance tunes.

On his mic stand is a little box that when he tweaks it, it makes his voice go all echoey. A3 posters are handed out to punters to wave during their ‘Big Posh Prick’ which was solely aimed at a blond scarecrow haired premier politician.

For the next number, ‘Algorithms Your Arsehole’ the duo were joined by a masked guitarist. The final number was ‘Selfie Stick’, which is a justifiable attack of all those people wandering around photographing themselves in a narcissistic way and annoying everyone else in the process.

The time is 9:55pm and the Billy Bragg does techno lesson has concluded.

legpuppy setlist:
‘Lucid 23’
‘Dick Pic’
‘Your Profile Is Dope’
‘Big Posh Prick’
‘Algorithms Your Arsehole’
‘Selfie Stick’

legpuppy dropped their brand new nine track album ‘The Air In Utopia Is Poison’ on 27th August. Find out more on their Bandcamp page HERE.

Pete from Pixelstorm live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

Late addition to this eclectic line-up was Pixelstorm, which comprises Pete (vox and keytar) from Reigate and Jem (Korg synth and other boxes as well as bass guitar) from Farnham. This duo formed during the heady days of Covid-19 (September 2019 to be precise) and are set to drop their initial debut online remotely recorded 5 song EP titled ‘Pressure Drop’ on Friday 10th September. As a celebration of this release, they will be returning to Brighton and Hove this Friday, as they will be setting up shop at the Bee’s Mouth (“the hive of ill repute”) located at 10 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1AE at 8:45pm. I would get down there early if I were you as the capacity is only 40 people as far as I have been told.

Back to this evening and Pixelstorm performed eleven compositions from their ever increasing portfolio. They began at 10:07pm and ran right through to the moment before the curfew at 11:00pm, oh OK it was 10:59pm to be precise.

Pixelstorm are a new discovery for me and I’m glad they reached out and contacted us prior to this performance, as arguably bands just don’t sound like this anymore! Are they caught in a Dr Who time vortex from 1981 to 1989? Could well be!

Jem from Pixelstorm live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

You can immediately pick up that vocalist Pete, is a fan of David Bowie, as his vocal delivery during this set is littered with vocal comparisons. But there’s also a big feeling of Andrew Eldritch from the Sisters of Mercy and Mark Hollis from Talk Talk.

It’s hot in here and I bet the duo are glad that they are dressed for the beach! Well, it is their first ever ‘seaside’ gig in Brighton.

I’m standing at the front and can’t help noticing that the Pixelstorm logo is not that unlike an eye test typeface, and also that the facial resemblance of Robert De Nero in Jem. I did warn him after the performance I would divulge this. Bet he wishes he had De Nero’s dosh, as do we all.

The KITT car from Knight Rider gets its own tune tonight in a 80’s and 90’s dance vibe. The following number ‘Jealous Eyes’, has a certain nod or more to The Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’. The following number ‘White Knight’ has a slight Ibiza vibe mixed with the Pet Shop Boys. The next track, ‘Electric Friday’, sounds like a long lost 80’s anthem from the annals of time, but is actually new. Did I spot a Lipps Inc ‘Funky Town’ bit in there?

We were now onto ‘Solar Flares’ which sounds like a mid 80’s Bowie track complete with nice usage (if not all too brief) of a vocoder. I reckon Rusty Egan (of Visage fame) would like this one!

Pete from Pixelstorm live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 5.9.21 (pic Ian Bourn Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)

I think to myself “Ooooohhh hello” as the opening synth bars of ‘Fix Me’ are played. They are very Sigue Sigue Sputnik and thankfully is the opening number for their imminent 5 track EP.

‘Madman On A Train’ and ‘New Synth City’ are the final numbers, but the crowd won’t let them leave until they play just one more number. The guys are not prepared for this occurrence. Several seconds later and correct back tracking selected, we are off with ‘Statue Of Love’ which is very Bobby O beat meets Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.

Time’s up and we are all left wanting! Just have to see more track on Friday 10th September then I guess!

Pixelstorm setlist:
‘Rise Up’
‘Night Rider’
‘Jealous Eyes’
‘White Knight’
‘Electric Friday’
‘Solar Flares’
‘Fix Me’
‘Madman On A Train’
‘New Synth City’
‘‘Statue Of Love’

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