Police appeal for help identifying thugs who shouted abuse at BBC reporter

Posted On 13 Oct 2021 at 2:59 pm

Police have appealed for help in identifying three men who abused a TV reporter as she broadcast from a Brighton street.

Fiona Irving, from BBC South East Today, was speaking to camera in Roedale Road near the Hollingbury pub in Brighton shortly after 6.30pm on Tuesday 5 October when several young men jumped in front of the camera and shouted abusive and offensive comments.

One was heard yelling ‘f**k her right in the p***y’ – a phrase made popular by a 2014 hoax YouTube video.

They then ran off. Nobody was assaulted and there was no damage.

Police today said an investigation is underway to identify and trace the men with a view to potential prosecutions under Public Order legislation.

If you saw what happened and have any information that could help identify these men please contact Sussex Police, either online or by calling 101, quoting serial 1293 of 06/10.

  1. martin godden Reply

    really! police are gonna waste time on that! unreal!

  2. Brighton2000 Reply

    This is street harassment. Women have had enough. Of course the police should deal with it.

  3. bradly Reply

    the oiks would have taken the opportunity whatever the gender or sex … lighten up please, the news is bad enough …

  4. Jean Reply

    This was misogynist intimidation and bullying designed to humiliate the woman concerned. Women have had enough of this everyday sexism, which aims to silence them and drive them out of their jobs. These men would rightly not have got away with a racist or homophobic insult. Why should they get away with this?

  5. Hove Guy Reply

    These brainless morons would probably have carried on with their juvenile behaviour regardless of whether it was in front of a male or female reporter. Fiona Irving should be commended for the way she remained calm while it was going on, even if she may have been understandably shocked. It would be great if they could get caught, charged and, with a criminal record, find themselves totally unemployable in the future. But I suspect that, with our incredibly lenient judiciary, they will be let off with a caution.

  6. Simon Reply

    Spend thousands and at the end say “ no further action was taken”
    Totally agree it’s wrong but nothing will be done, so frustrating!

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