Greens pick candidates to stand in place of two outgoing councillors

Posted On 12 Jan 2022 at 1:03 pm

The Greens have picked two candidates to stand in Regency ward in the local elections for Brighton and Hove City Council next year.

Kahina Bouhassane and Tom Pashby

Kahina Bouhassane and Tom Pashby have been chosen to contest the ward which is currently represented by fellow Greens Alex Phillips and Tom Druitt.

The couple, who have represented the seat since 2015, said today (Wednesday 12 January) that they would stand down at the next local elections in May 2023.

Ms Bouhassane, 23, is the deputy chair of the Brighton and Hove Green Party and stood as the party’s candidate in the election for Sussex police and crime commissioner.

She grew up locally and went to BHASVIC (Brighton, Hove and Sussex VI Form College) before going to university.

The party said that she had “experience in the cultural sector, climate and equality charities and special educational needs education”.

The Greens said that Tom Pashby grew up in Hertfordshire, moved to Brighton in 2019, was non-binary, worked as a writer in the sustainability sector and was studying for a masters degree at Sussex University.

Ms Bouhassane said: “I am thrilled to have been selected as the candidate for Regency by the Green Party.

“I am keen to represent the people of Regency and will work tirelessly to help support a better quality of life for residents by prioritising the climate and equality.

“I am committed to advocating for the needs of residents, listening to your priorities and using this dialogue to help inform discussions as to how this city is run.

“As someone who was lucky enough to grow up in this incredible city, I have always been proud to call it home and I will work to ensure it remains a beautiful, sustainable and culturally rich place to live.”

Tom Pashby said: “I’m pleased to have been selected as one of the Green Party’s candidates for Regency for the 2023 local elections.

“I love Brighton and Hove and our vibrant communities and will do all I can to support residents and local organisations.

“I’m particularly keen to work with local people on housing issues and making walking and cycling more accessible and enjoyable.”

  1. ChrisC Reply

    There might not even be a Regency ward come the next local elections.

    The Local Government Booundary Commission hasn’t finished it’s review yet.

  2. Austin Reply

    To be replaced by candidates: Tom Pashby and Kahina Bouhassane. Tom, the lovely chap who hounded Kathleen Stock out of her job.

    • Jojo Goldsmith Reply

      Indeed Tom should be ashamed of himself. What have we done to deserve this is Regency ward! Glad Tom and Alex are off, recent news perfectly illustrates that they are councillors who look after themselves and not the ward. Let’s hope Labour put up someone decent

    • Chaz. Reply

      Pashby was standing for the Greens in South West Herts only in 2019.
      Ah but studying for an MA in Brighton calls, so here he comes.
      Got to ask why the Greens have nobody locally they could choose.
      Or was he imposed on them?
      Typical Greenies.

      • Tania Reply

        The Greens and the LP just don’t do diversity do they? Only the Conservatives have a BAME candidate.

  3. Kelly Smith Reply

    Is this the one complained about being abused on social media? Has she purchased a tin hat?

    • Martin Burtenshaw Reply

      Yes I think she was the same young lady.
      To be fair, she has every right to make complaints, nobody should be personally abused about the way they look.
      I have every respect for her putting herself up for such an important role, however, her young age imo probably makes her unlikely to get the role.
      As for being abused, that’s not fair. If she is successful in becoming an elected councillor I’m sure she will get a lot of flack for what she does or doesn’t do instead of how she looks.

  4. Chaz. Reply

    What a dreadful couple of frauds those 2 Greenies were.
    An ideal opportunity to show the Greens just what they are really thought of and for anyone from any party to be elected instead of them.
    Come on Regency, speak loud and clear.

  5. Gareth Hall Reply

    It’s great to see young people prepared to stand up for democracy .for too long councils have been dominated by retired or middle aged people
    Brighton and hove is a young city and deserves young representation

    • Greens out Reply

      Unfortunately, petulant idiots like Amy Healy have shown that young councillors aren’t really any good

      • My MP Has 5 Homes! Reply

        Yes yes, quite so…

    • Chaz. Reply

      Local representation not important to you Gareth.
      Or do you like forced appointments in your world?

      • Gareth Hall Reply

        They both live in Brighton / Hove don’t they ? I’m not sure what you’re moaning about

        • Chaz. Reply

          Yes they are now after one moved here only 2 years ago.
          So the Greens import and do not promote locally.
          The Greens are clearly transient in nature.

    • Martin Burtenshaw Reply

      Gareth Hall

      Your entitled to your opinion but I think you’re misguided, The City of Brighton and Hove is not a young city, people of all ages live here lets not forget.
      The young deserve representation. Yes of course they do, but so do all other age groups, so realistically there should be a fair balance across the representatives. Some young, some mid aged and some slightly older to represent needs and wants. But of course that’s just opinion.

      What is interesting, are the comments from these two candidates, first we have Kahina Bouhassane who tells us: I am keen to represent the people of Regency and will work tirelessly to help support a better quality of life for residents by prioritising the climate and equality.

      And then we have Tom Pashby who says: I’m particularly keen to work with local people on housing issues and making walking and cycling more accessible and enjoyable.

      We would agree that these are important issues, I don’t have a argument on that. What I do find a little disturbing is one is Prioritising what I think is a secondary policy, ie Climate and equality, the other has a good point on housing, but again mentions a secondary policy, walking/cycling.

      I agree it is refreshing to see youngsters prepared to stand, best of luck to them, however, they lack experience and tactical planning in promoting themselves.
      For me, I would be saying things like, I will do my best to ensure the problem of rubbish and recycling is dealt with as a priority and I will addressing the climate and equality policies as I feel these are important issues.

      No disrespects, but Kahina Bouhassane states this city is beautiful.
      It is far from that, and hasn’t been for a very long time, I would urge the Green Council to take a long hard look at Valley Gardens, multi million pound project that was meant to be a place of relaxation and enjoyment and pleasing to the eye, encourage more people to spend their time there. It’s more like the Somme and I have no doubts, more of our Taxes will be needed to bring it back to where it was.
      Perhaps the greens should walk around various estates, the city centre and other places and see the filth and muck us residents have to put up with day in day out. What I would consider to be a priority is getting the basics right, Rubbish Collection, Recycling, getting the city clean.

      No, we don’t need the young, mid aged or old farts, we need people WHO will deliver the basics,, the party who can deliver that will get my votre.

      • Gareth Hall Reply

        I agree totally that we need representation from all age groups at present the younger voted does not get that

  6. Martha Gunn Reply

    During the disgraceful episode when Kathleen Stock was bullied off the campus and out of her job Pashby claimed he was “on the right side of history”!
    Now it really takes some remarkable kind of arrogance and self-importance to make a statement like that.
    He makes Heley look like a beginner in the pomposity stakes.

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