Residents call for closure of Brighton twitten

Posted On 27 Jun 2022 at 8:54 am

Sillwood Terrace

People living in a Brighton twitten plagued by antisocial behaviour are calling for it to be gated.

Although only a handful of people live in Sillwood Terrace, more than 100 have signed a petition in support of their calls for it to be closed off.

Residents say the badly lit street is used for drug dealing, binge drinking, fly-tipping and as an unofficial toilet.

The petition, started by Tara Matthews, says: “Within the last year alone there have been several cases of drug dealing, drug use, binge drinking, noise disruption at late hours, drunk and disorderly behaviour, fly-tipping, rummaging through commercial waste, urination and excreted matter, animal nuisance, people who are experiencing homelessness sleeping on doorsteps and much more.

“There have already been too many instances where this sort of antisocial behaviour is taking place directly on our doorsteps. When these individuals are confronted or asked to leave, they feel empowered to stay put and carry on or leave momentarily only to return once nobody is watching.

“Whilst the residents and businesses acknowledge that noise disruption will always be a part of living in the city centre, we also feel more can be done to establish better security along the walkway to deter these individuals from loitering in this area.”

Ward councillor Tom Druitt said: “It’s been a hotspot for drugs, antisocial behaviour and also fly-tipping for a number of years.

“We have tried all the normal things like raising it with the police, increased patrols, CCTV etc but nothing has worked so far.

“I am generally opposed to privatising or restricting access to public space but I think in this instance all other routes have been exhausted so regrettably I see no other option than to put a gate up as residents are proposing and I fully support the petition.”

  1. Jane L Reply

    The right thing to do. I hope now the police come down on the cretins doing this to these people when they displace into more public areas.

  2. Charisse Shahbazkhani Reply

    My husband and I moved from Scotland into Oriental Place just down from you a year or so ago. We have been plagued with the same issues as a consequence of the Phase One Hostel further down our street, The residents and non residents that come back and forth day and night are making our lives and others living here absolutely miserable.
    Well done Tara for taking action over this dreadful issue. I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to go about taking similar action if you could spare the time to chat or meet up?

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