Hove scooter rider, 8, seriously injured in hit and run

Posted On 02 Jul 2022 at 11:38 am

An eight-year-old boy has been seriously injured by a car in a hit and run crash in Hove.

Sussex Police issued an appeal for the public’s help this morning (Saturday 2 July) as they try to find the driver.

The boy was riding a scooter when the crash happened in New Church Road, near Hove Museum.

Brighton and Hove police said: “We’re seeking witnesses to a collision between a car and a child on a scooter which occurred in New Church Road, at the junction with Pembroke Gardens, Hove, about 9.10pm last night.

“The eight-year-old boy was taken to hospital with serious injuries, while the white vehicle involved left the scene.

“If you witnessed it or captured it on dash cam, please email collision.appeal@sussex.police.uk quoting serial 1418 of 01/07.”

  1. Matthew Curtis Reply

    Why was the 8 year old on the scooter at that time of night. What’s wrong with the parents 😕

    • Helen Reply

      Matthew Curtis
      Hmmm, that time of night. No it’s evening at that time of day and still daylight. Any number of reasons a child is out of an evening and who really are you to question the parents?

    • Andy Richards Reply

      Why did someone hit a kid with a car and then just drive off?
      There you go….fixed it for you.
      You’re welcome.

  2. Phoebe Barrera Reply

    The driver should have stopped, but was this 8-year-old riding an eScooter on the road?

    • Adam Watson Reply

      Where in the article does it say he was on an “eScooter”?

      • Phoebe Barrera Reply

        That is why I asked 🙄

    • Helen Reply

      Phoebe Barrera
      It just states Scooter, but correct driver should have stopped.

    • Dave Reply

      A kids scooter and an Escooter are 2 very different things. However a hit and run is a hit and run

  3. Valerie Reply

    Unless the driver speaks up, it is impossible to say how much of a chance there was not to hit an 8 yr old on a scooter in low light and at a time he should have been at home and in bed. It is shocking that this child WAS on the street on a scooter at gone 9 pm! The parents need to explain!

    The driver must come forward for everyone’s sake. Lets really hope this child recovers completely. And the parents receive ‘advice’!

    • Andy Richards Reply

      “Failing light”…..what absolute nonsense. Why are you trying to absolve a hit and run perpetrator. It wasn’t that late and children have many reasons and a perfect right to be out. This child was with his father.

    • Helen Reply

      Hmm, the headline reads ‘Hit and Run’ so already alarm bells are ringing.
      Questions straight away are, was the driver under the influence of drink or drugs, was he a licence holder, was vehicle taxed, insured and MOT, did the driver have permission to drive. What reason did the driver have for driving off.
      When a motorists hits a pedestrian it is often a case that the driver failed to look or take in the surroundings. The driver should be fully aware of pedestrians on the pavement and a likely hood they may cross the road. Paying attention is key to safe driving, no matter what actually happened. Perhaps, the child checked the road before crossing but the vehicle didn’t indicate they were turning, maybe driver was distracted by a phone etc, we don’t know the full story, but the driver is 100% guilty after driving off.

      As for your comments on the child and the parents.
      It is not for you to dictate when a child should be at home or indeed what time they should be in bed. There can be any number of reasons why a child is out and about and this accident occurred on a Friday evening so no school next day. It was still daylight at that time even if the light was failing, it’s still up to the driver to be aware.
      The parents need to explain nothing.

      • Phoebe Barrera Reply

        The parents might need to explain if it turns out that the 8-year- boy was riding an eScooter on the road and it what manner?

        This article is very sparce on detail, so let’s wait until all the details are available before absolving the child and its guardians of all responsibility.

        • Helen Reply

          Phoebe Barrera
          No the article is very clear ‘HIT AND RUN’ end of story.
          Driver has committed an offence so 100% at fault.

          • Phoebe Barrera

            Sorry to be pedantic but it is Frank de Luc who called it ‘Hit and Run” – Sussex Police did not and are asking for witnesses and help to identify the driver.

            And no, it is not definitely 100% the drivers fault that the collision occurred. He may be charged, though, with not stopping after the incident.

        • mart Burt Reply

          Phoebe Barrera
          Your comments: Sorry to be pedantic but it is Frank de Luc who called it ‘Hit and Run” – Sussex Police did not and are asking for witnesses and help to identify the driver:
          To help identify the driver ?
          So the driver DROVE OFF without giving his details. leave you to work that out.

  4. Kath Reply

    Light details….he was more than likely with his mom. You all assume way too much. Wait for the facts to come out before commenting. All you know is a hit and run.

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