Empty Whitehawk house catches fire

Posted On 24 Jun 2010 at 8:05 am

A house in Whitehawk was badly damaged when a fire ripped through it last night.

The fire at the house next to Whitehawk Primary School in Whitehawk Road started late yesterday evening and had been put out by about 11.30pm.

Neighbour Jim Newham said: “This house has been fenced off – badly – for more than a month. A couple of weeks ago, it was massively graffittied. Now, it’s an inferno.”

It was the home of Dudley Button, the school caretaker.

Arson is suspected.

  1. Dave Reply

    This needs to be updated,It was not the house of Dudley button and never has been,.Dudley retired long ago ,it was the home of the current polish caretaker marcin stuglik .and had been cleared ready for the community hub project.and was also painted by a local group project to learn for some strange reason.

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