Lifeboat helps five ashore in three callouts

Posted On 18 Jul 2010 at 10:17 pm

The Brighton RNLI lifeboat was launched three times this weekend, helping five people aboard two boats.

The first callout came yesterday afternoon when a main sail became jammed on a 36ft dutch sailing vessel.

The lifeboat was launched just after 3.50pm.

The crew located the sailing boat a mile and a half southwest of Brighton Marina in a moderate sea with good visibility.

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Crew member Marcus Morris went aboard and pulled the sail up to free it then lower and stow it.

The lifeboat escorted the vessel and its crew of two back to the marina having dealt with the shout in just under an hour and a half.

The lifeboat crew had a second shout at 10pm last night after a 34ft dutch sailing vessel had become demasted about a mile and a half southeast of the marina.

The vessel and its crew of three were found quickly in the increasingly poor visibility.

Lifeboat crew member Kieron Lawlor went aboard the sailing boat to check the situation before the RNLI vessel escorted the sailing boat back to the marina just after 11pm.

Today the crew were called out after a swimmer was reported missing east of the Palace Pier just after 9am.

The missing swimmer was found safe and well and unaware of any concern for his whereabouts.

The lifeboat crew watched him swim ashore and were back at the marina at 9.30am.

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