Police investigate Hove hospital death

Posted On 23 Oct 2010 at 9:47 pm

Police are investigating the death of a woman who died at a mental health hospital in Hove.

Rosemary Grafan, 22, from Brighton, was a patient at Mill View Hospital in Hove when she died last Friday (15 October).

Staff called paramedics at 1am.

According to the BBC, hers is the sixth death in a hospital run by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the past two and a half years.

One of the six was an unnamed man who was found dead in public toilets at Mill View in March this year.

The BBC reported that about 150 inpatients die in mental health units nationally every year.

  1. Andrew Hartnall Reply

    These suicides in mental health units across East and West Sussex and Brighton are truley disturbing.

    The trust was restructured in 2005 and the newly appointed Cheif executive Lisa Rodriregz launched the newly strutured trust by travelling around local mental health units on a Red London Bus, truly bizarre.

    It was highlighted in a Channel 4 despatches program the problems at Eastbourne mental health unit amongst others in the Country , something i can verify from personel experiance.

    I wrote to Ms Rodrigues numerous times in 2005/2006 and offered to meet her, she did not respond.

    Her reponses to my subsequent e-mails were extreamly arrogant, i then wrote to my M.P. Charles Hendry.

    It is very sad that three sucicides have occured at the Woodlands unit before action was taken , but really omly to preserve Ms Rodrigues Job.

    My thoughts this Christmas will be with the fammilies who are dealing with the loss of there loved ones.

    Also in the current climate suicides will increase and the help is just not there, whtaever the trust propoganda suggests.

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