Council chiefs prepare for snow in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 25 Nov 2010 at 5:59 am

The council is preparing for the cold snap over the coming week and hoping it won’t be caught out like last time if it snows.

It also asked owners of four-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles to volunteer to help out.

Brighton and Hove City Council said that its priorities were “to clear and treat major roads and give advice to help residents clear paths and pavements themselves if necessary”.

It also repeated the government’s statement that people are unlikely to be sued over injuries or accidents on paths that they have cleared.

People are advised to concentrate on steps and slopes and to clear snow early in the day to let any sun melt underlying ice.

The council urged people to avoid piling snow in the way of roads and footpaths.

But hit by criticism after the last snowfall, the council said that heavy snow or a prolonged freeze again would still cause serious disruption.

The council said: “During the severe weather last winter a number owners of 4×4 vehicles kindly volunteered their driving services and vehicles to help us deliver essential services to residents who we were unable to reach with normal vehicles.

“Volunteers were asked to help in delivering meals, home care staff, district nurses and other staff who need to get to cut-off areas.

“Some of those have offered their services again but we’re putting the call out for more volunteers.


“Volunteers will only be used when the bad weather conditions are likely to run for several days and the demand for such vehicles exceeds the number of vehicles currently available to the council, police, fire and ambulance services.”

Anyone who wants to volunteer or see more information should email

The council said: “We’ve stockpiled 1,500 tonnes of grit and salt.”

This is almost twice the amount that would be used in a typical year.

The council said: “We also have available seven gritters, three of which are 4x4s, five ploughs, six hand spreaders, three tractors and three diggers.

“Priorities for snow clearing are A roads and B roads plus important minor roads and all bus routes.

“There are over 400 grit bins available for residents to use, with their locations marked on the council’s website.

“Table salt can also be used to treat surfaces. One tablespoon will treat one square metre.

“Grit and salt should be used, not hot water which can refreeze.

“We’re as ready as we can possibly be but have to advise people that a very heavy snowfall would cause widespread disruption as no council in the country is equipped to eradicate the effects of such weather.

“We’ll be working our absolute hardest and we’d encourage people to ‘salt, shovel and sweep’ wherever they think it is helpful and safe to do so.”

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