Police and firefighters in Brighton stop drivers to warn them about drink-driving

Posted On 17 Dec 2010 at 1:26 pm

Early morning drivers were pulled over by police outside Roedean Fire Station to be given a safety message this week.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue said that its key message was: “Don’t make this the worst Christmas ever by drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a car the morning after a night boozing.”

The Roedean firefighters were working with Sussex Police and the Sussex Safer Road Partnership.

The fire service said: “This week a poster was displayed for two days outside the fire station with this powerful message as Sussex Police officers randomly pulled over early morning drivers.

“They were then spoken to by our emergency services about the importance of leaving an adequate amount of time between drinking and then driving.

“In total they spoke to more than 120 people and gave them valuable advice, such as winter car safety and all passengers wearing seatbelts, having an up-to-date tax disc and displaying an L plate for learner drivers.”

Station Manager John Loveridge said: “Not one person was at all annoyed about being pulled over and all of them said that it was a very positive thing that we were doing with the police.

“Six people were breath-tested and all of them passed.

“Two motorists were informed of underinflated tyres and one car had a flat tyre which we changed on site for the lady.

“We would like to remind people of the fact that they need to have clear windscreens and adequate washer fluid with anti-freeze in it.

“Also, to make sure that when de-icing their screens they need to clear all of the vehicles glass and not just a small patch to see out of.

“One last but important point is to make sure that both front and rear lights are clearly visible and free from road dirt and salt residue that can build up at this time of year.

“This has been a positive initiative which we hope will save lives this Christmas.

“The idea is to make drivers think about their actions.

“Many of those motorists we pulled over appreciate the work we are doing in the combat to drive drink-drivers off our roads and they were not angry that they had to take a few minutes out of their day to speak with us.

“We were not saying don’t drink but were saying it is not safe to drink and drive.

“The bottom line is that you can’t know for sure, even after just one alcoholic drink, if you are over the limit.

“It’s not worth losing your licence or even killing someone – just think before you drink.

“We are advising drivers to make adequate alternative plans to get home or get in to work the following day so you do not have to get behind the wheel of a car.”

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    120 drivers spoken to. What a big deal!

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