Fire crews tackle Portslade warehouse blaze at harbour

Posted On 11 Apr 2011 at 3:23 pm

The hot weather has been blamed for a large fire at Skip It Waste in Portslade at the weekend.

Six fire engines and an aerial ladder platform were sent to the fire in Basin Road South at the Portslade end of Shoreham Harbour just after 1.30pm on Saturday (9 April).

Half the building was ablaze when crews from East Sussex Fire and Rescue arrived.

They fought the fire, involving around 150 tonnes of commercial waste, for around three hours.

After bringing the fire under control they found that it had started accidentally, possibly by a smouldering barbecue having been left in the rubbish.

Watch Commander Stuart Black said: “A passing member of the public spotted the blaze and called the service.

“We pumped water from the harbour to provide us with firefighting water.

“Staff were quickly on scene and helping to move stuff out of the way.

“Environmental booms and water inflation kit were set up to collect any water running off from the burning waste to prevent any pollution into waterways.

“Once the job was finished, any waste was collected and safely disposed of.”

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