Sleeping Brighton pensioner rescued from kitchen fire

Posted On 13 Apr 2011 at 8:08 pm

A quick-thinking neighbour helped save a pensioner from a fire after she fell asleep while cooking in her Brighton flat.

The alert neighbour heard the fire alarm go off, could smell smoke in the corridor of the landmark tower block Theobald House and rang 999.

When crews from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service arrived they had to force their way into the second floor flat in Blackman Street, Brighton.

The pensioner woke up as firefighters entered her flat and they led her to safety.

Paramedics treated her outside for the effects of breathing in smoke.

Crew Manager Darran Sampson said that she had mistakenly left a frying pan on a low heat after cooking and the fat had caught light.

No one else in the high-rise block of flats had to be evacuated after the callout at about 10.45pm last night (Tuesday 12 April).

Crew Manager Sampson said: “Fires in the kitchen cause the highest number of emergency calls attended by fire and rescue services.

“Cooking left unattended accounts for a large percentage of these incidents.

“The simple answer is never leave cooking unattended if you are distracted by a telephone call or the door bell.

“Turn down the heat or, better still, turn off the heat completely until you are able to return to the kitchen and cook safely.

“Never cook if you are under the influence of alcohol.

“Drinking can cause drowsiness and reduce your concentration.

“Remember – working smoke alarms save lives. Make sure you have them.”

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