Brighton prostitute jailed for blackmailing punter

Posted On 20 Sep 2011 at 9:09 am

A prostitute from Brighton blackmailed a businessman after he paid her to play a dangerous sex game called “noose dancing”.

The businessman, a married father of one from Brighton, paid £150 to Victoria Jefferies, 27, to dress in a wedding gown and to wear handcuffs.

He tied a noose around her neck and she then balanced precariously on a kitchen stool.

Jefferies later went to the punter’s home and threatened to tell police that he had tried to kill her.

Detectives investigated her claims and concluded that she had lied about the incident and was trying to blackmail the man.

She was jailed by a judge at Inner London Crown Court for two and a half years. She was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

  1. vodkaman Reply

    It could be argued that “Extortion” when used in place of the word “blackmail” frees up the word black to be used in not just ways associated with the negative eg. black day, black mood.

    This then in turn could prevent accidental or purposeful silent “programming” of readers

  2. Nick Fisher Reply

    Or you could just realise that “blackmail” is an English legal term which we’ve used quite happily for hundreds of years and why should we change now to force our language into some perverted hippy-dippy vision ?

    Do you think the same about “whitewash”, “white lie” etc. ?

    Nuts !

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