Brighton & Hove Albion: Poyet – Dicker understands my game.

Posted On 27 Oct 2011 at 10:54 am
By Tim Hodges from the Amex Press Briefing

Gus Poyet told me this morning how much Gary Dicker understands the way he wants to play.

He said when Dicker was ‘spot on’ he was one of the few who understand the way he wants to play the game, especially in set plays. The team may have to set up differently without him.

The Albion boss also commented on the the threat posed by Chris Wood, who is now at Saturday’s opponents Brimingham City, going on to say the club did send him a League One winners medal.

Trailist Zolton Ziptak is no longer with the club although he did train well. But he wasn’t ready for 90 minutes of football.

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Poyet also mentioned how many games Brimingham will have to play this season. But said how well they have been playing recently.

Earlier Craig Mackail-Smith mentioned how much he looked forward to playing against teams like Birmingham and in a stadium such as theirs.

CMS also commented how he hoped Vicente was fit as as he is the type of player he liked to play along side. He also mentioned that he remebered the Alex Mcliesh had an interest in him a couple of seasons ago, when Mcliesh was manager of Birmingham.

Finally it was the turn of brummie Marcos Painter who reavealed many of his family members will be at the game on Saturday so he expects a little bit of stick.

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He recalled how excited he was to make his debut against Fulham in the Premiership when he was just 19.

I asked him how he found lining up against players such as Kevin Nolan as he did on Monday evening , he told me it was a big step up in quality and that every player wants to play against the best standard of oppositon they can.

We finished up with Painter telling us how well Steve Harper has blended into the team and how pleased he was to note, just how comfortable the on-loan keeper was with ball at his feet.

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