Hove MP looks like winning battle to criminalise squatting

Posted On 27 Oct 2011 at 8:24 pm

The campaign by Hove MP Mike Weatherley to criminalise squatting takes another step forward next week.

His proposal will be debated as part of a bill which is being considered over three days by members of the House of Commons.

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill should complete its passage through the House of Commons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

It will then be sent to the House of Lords for peers to consider.

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Mr Weatherley said yesterday: “I have said right from the beginning that squatting in people’s homes is wrong and should be criminalised.

“Finally my campaign has become reality with today’s announcement that squatting is to be made a criminal offence. To all the squatters out there: get out and stay out.”

Yesterday the Ministry of Justice reiterated that the government would work towards making squatting in houses and flats a criminal offence.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said: “I am grateful to colleagues like Mike Weatherley who has tirelessly brought cases of squatting from his Hove constituency to my attention.

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“Far too many people endure the misery, expense and incredible hassle of removing squatters from their property.

“Hard-working homeowners need and deserve a justice system where their rights come first.

“Our commitment to this new offence will ensure the law is firmly on the side of the homeowner so that quick and decisive action can be taken.”

  1. Lorenza Reply

    I understand that some law is needed to protect when people break in to usable homes. However this is going to effect people who squat in abandoned or derelect properties, at a time when rented accommodation is unaffordable to a lot, squating can be the only option open to them. It’s crimalising the needy, especially at a time when government cuts are closing down any help the people who are homeless have.

  2. Twisthorn Bellow Reply

    Oh dear, Caroline ‘Brussels’ Lucas won’t like this!

    I wonder if Lucas would be so pro-squatters if they moved in to one of the five homes that she and her husband Richard Savage own?!

  3. someone Reply

    name the five homes that she and her husband Richard Savage own —

  4. Aaa Reply

    Lucas has five homes? Even I didn’t know that.

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