Greens name new Brighton and Hove council leader

Posted On 18 Feb 2012 at 1:33 am

Brighton and Hove Greens have chosen Jason Kitcat to be the next leader of the council.

At 33, Councillor Kitcat will become one of the youngest council leaders in the country. He is already the second youngest member of Brighton and Hove City Council and currently serves as the cabinet member for finance and central services.

He will replace Bill Randall as convenor of the Greens in May when Councillor Randall steps down as council leader to become the Mayor of Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Jason Kitcat

Councillor Kitcat was elected unopposed. It is technically possible for Labour and the Conservatives to block his appointment as leader of the council as they can outvote the Greens. They are not expected to do so.

The Greens are also electing new deputies, with Councillors Geoffrey Bowden, Lizzie Deane and Christina Summers vying for the post of deputy leader (internal relations). The current holder is Councillor Ian Davey.

Councillor Ben Duncan is standing for deputy leader (external relations) against two candidates hoping to job share – Councillors Phelim Mac Cafferty and Amy Kennedy. Councillor Kennedy currently holds the post.

The results of the ballot will be announced on the afternoon of Sunday 4 March.

In a statement the party said: “The new Green leader, deputy leaders and mayor will be proposed for formal election at the city’s annual council on Thursday 17 May.

“The present deputy leaders, Councillors Amy Kennedy and Ian Davey, will step down on that day, as will the present council leader, Councillor Bill Randall, who has been selected by the Greens and confirmed by the other parties to serve from then for a year as mayor.”

  1. Valerie Paynter, Reply

    There has been the usual gossip of ‘the Greens are totally divided and squabbling’ as there is about the other political parties. For him to be elected uncontested is surely a message to the gossips concerning the Greens at least. United.

    Over recent weeks, it was becoming quietly clear that Cllr Kitcat was emerging into this space. My only concern is the question of who will take over his Central Services Cabinet Brief. Or will he be able to do both Council Leader, Administration Leader as well as continue doing Finance?

    Of all the Cabinet posts in this deepening recessionary period, Finance is surely the one requiring most attention and continuity of tenure.

  2. Aaa Reply

    Heaven help us

  3. Jamie Reply

    So the man that will pile misery on residents across the city this Thursday becomes leader by default.

    It’s a sad state of affairs, when no one else thought they were capable of doing the job.

    Mr Kitcat will make Brighton a laughing stock.

    Roll on 2015, when we can get shot of this costly Green protest vote.

    PS: I voted Green along with friends and family, and I promise, recent discussions mean that we will never do so again

  4. Breton Reply

    I work and am struggling to pay for my wedding. The Greens put up council tax the maximum to protect anyone but those that work (and turned down free cash from the government in the process).

    I too made the mistake of voting Green at the last election, never again.

  5. Rostrum Reply

    Another nail in the coffin..

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