Brighton man suffers burns in fire caused by candle

Posted On 28 Feb 2012 at 4:49 pm

A man was treated in hospital after an accidental fire caused by a candle in his flat in Brighton.

A tea-light had been left on a turntable and had become so hot that it had melted through the plastic, starting a fire.

Four fire engines and the aerial ladder platform were sent to the five-storey block of flats in Fenchurch Walk, Brighton, at 10.55pm yesterday (Monday 27 February).

The occupant had raised the alarm and managed to escape the fire along with some other residents who vacated their flats.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service crew manager Darran Sampson, who attended the incident, said: “Tea-lights are meant to be on a dish or a plate because as the wax melts it gets red hot and if placed on a plastic surface they will get so hot that they will burn through it.

“A few people stayed in their flats as we were attacking the fire which I deemed safe as firefighters were running up and down the stairs with the equipment and they were less of a hindrance to stay in their flats, if they had not already self-evacuated.”

The occupant of the flat had to be treated for breathing in smoke and burns to his hand.

Crews remained at the scene until midnight, having put out the fire and ventilated the flats.

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