Brighton and Hove drivers pay £18m for parking

Posted On 02 Oct 2012 at 3:16 pm

Seven thousand extra parking tickets were issued in Brighton and Hove in the year to the end of March, taking the annual total to 116,000.

The rise comes after the number of tickets issued on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council fell for six years running.

But 36,700 tickets were the subject of an appeal or challenge.

Madeira Drive was the street where the most tickets were issued – just over 4,000 – netting the council almost £100,000.

This was more than twice the number issued in the next most lucrative street, Wilbury Road in Hove, the council said in its annual parking report.

The report is due to be considered by the council’s Transport Committee this afternoon (Tuesday 2 October).

Overall income rose to just over £18 million from £16.75 million while costs fell £680,000 to £8.5 million from about £9.18 million.

This left the council with a surplus – or profit – of £9.5 million, up from £7.5 million in 2010-11. This is then allocated to transport-related schemes.

According to the report, there was an average of 70 parking wardens during the year.

And some 925 people were on the waiting list for a resident’s permit. Only three zones had waiting lists – North Central, South Central and Brunswick.

Some £4.3 million was set aside to fund improvements to four of the council’s 14 car parks, including Regency Square and Trafalgar Street.

Two staff monitor the bus lane cameras and issued 9,311 tickets in the past year, up from 7,964, while the number of appeals fell from 75 to 58.


  1. Vodkaman Reply

    Just got back from Lewisham. They have a great scheme there. The first 30 mins are free. You press the green button and get a ticket that lasts 30 mins…free! This means that local people can pop to the shops which is great for small local businesses but outside commuters can’t park their cars there all day.

    Brilliant idea – GET WISE B+H Council!!

  2. Valerie Paynter, Reply

    This reminds me, Vodkaman, that at the time that George Street in Hove was still only mooted to be pedestrianised, that it was established that people parking in George Street only remained in their spaces for very short periods – just as you outline is allowed for in Lewisham.

    Average of about 15 minutes as I recall. It meant a high volume of people popping in and out from about 3:30pm and just as they left work, to pick up a quick whatever on the way home.

    Once pedestrianised that trade was lost. Shopping in George Street is now forcibly a ‘destination’ shop and not a quick in/out shop. The trade is now mostly walking trade and socialising.

  3. Catherine Hart Reply

    Hi Everyone

    Free Parking Map has now mapped Brighton and Hove. It has put all of the current on-street parking restrictions onto a map so you can see where you can park and where you can’t. Worth having a look at. In Brighton you can also see the multitude of parking restrictions down each road!

    They have done Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Portsmouth and Southend and seem to be working around the coast and holiday areas.

    There is a website Just search on any area in Brighton and change the advanced search to get it to a mile radius.

    The app is better and is on the ipad and iphone at the moment There are still places you can park for free in the Brighton area but they are going fast!!

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