Three Labour candidates vie to take on Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion

Posted On 21 May 2013 at 9:33 am

Three women are in the running to be the Labour Party candidate in Brighton Pavilion at the next general election.

One of the three women will take on Green MP Caroline Lucas at the election which is expected to be held in May 2015.

The three are

The candidate will be chosen from an all-women shortlist and local activists are being invited to meet the contenders informally on Saturday (25 May) at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton.

They will have another chance to meet the three women on Saturday at the Hollingdean Community Centre in Thompson Road.

The formal nomination procedure is due to open on Monday 27 May and close on Friday 21 June.

Hustings will be held shortly afterwards to choose the party’s candidate for the seat.

The Green Party has already reselected Dr Lucas while the Conservatives have yet to start the process of choosing their candidate for Brighton Pavilion.

  1. Esther Reply

    So, a choice between a Lesbian/Gay activist, a Feminist activist and a former Tory Councillor. Why is the left-leaning electorate in Brighton forced to choose between these women on the fringe, with minority-issue axes to grind? Quite like Caroline Lucas, in fact.

  2. saveHOVE Reply

    A ‘right-on’ political monoculture developing in this city…..

  3. LCFMonkey Reply

    That’s typical; a bunch of DFLs!
    Sorry Labour, maybe you should have chosen the best people for the job for your shortlist rather than resorting to type and being just a bit too pc!
    I’ll be voting for Caroline Lucas again then!

  4. Uncle Protein Reply

    God help us all; what a horrific-sounding bunch…

  5. Jack Reply

    Caroline Lucas is no different to the shower running the council. She will be out with the rest of them in 2015

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