Brighton university student designs device to beat hospital superbug

Posted On 29 Aug 2013 at 2:15 pm

Brighton University student Maddy Conaghan has come up with a way of helping doctors and nurses cut the risk of spreading infections during hospital rounds.

Miss Conaghan, 22, a product design graduate, has developed a device called “Flo”.

It is intended to reduce the risk of medical staff accidentally spreading hospital superbugs such as MRSA among patients.

It is worn around the wrist so doctors and nurses do not have to find a hygiene dispenser between seeing patients.

When the doctor or nurse has finished with one patient, he or she rubs the devices and a sanitising liquid is automatically dispensed to be rubbed on to the palms and forearms.

Maddy Conaghan demonstrates her invention

Maddy Conaghan demonstrates her invention

The device is quick and means that medical staff can continue their rounds without delays or interruptions.

Flo caught the eye of design experts who selected it for the recent Product Design Centre exhibition in London.

And Miss Conaghan has also had endorsements from nursing staff who helped her with her research.

One nurse, Peter Atkinson, a community nurse from Brighton, said: “It’s vital that we protect our patients from infection and Maddy’s device looks like it could be a real winner as it’s so straightforward and convenient.”

She hopes to develop Flo into a commercial venture but producing innovations that help mankind is her driving force.

She said: “Design that can really help people is what I am passionate about and Flo could help medical staff keep infection rates down without interrupting patient contact.

“The University of Brighton course taught me how we can create purposeful design.”


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