Brighton & Hove Albion: Knight offers to sell shares to fans

Posted On 13 Nov 2013 at 9:36 pm
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By Tim Hodges

Former Albion chairman Dick Knight has sensationally offered to sell more than a million shares of his current shareholding in the club to Seagulls fans for just £1 a share.

Knight, whose long-awaited autobiography Madman was released today (Wednesday 13 November), said that he was concerned that one sole individual again owned 90 per cent of the club.

He hoped that the ordinary fan could have the chance to express any concerns that they may have about how the club was being run , and could do this at the club’s AGM if they were themselves shareholders.

Knight stated fans could buy as many or as few shares as they wished, and he had over a million to sell.

The football club has yet to make an official comment on Knight’s statement. ut it is likely as with many other businesses , the club’s articles of association will dictate the current shareholders will have first refusal on these shares once they become available.

Chairman Tony Bloom is still the majority shareholder with about a 90 per cent stake.

Albion take on FA Cup holders Wigan Athletic at the DW Stadium on Saturday (23 November) after the international break.

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