Christmas presents stolen in Hove

Posted On 21 Dec 2013 at 11:50 am

Sussex Police said that officers in Hove are trying to reunite a family with their Christmas presents.

The force said yesterday (Friday 20 December) that presents were found strewn across the garden of a house in Rutland Gardens, Hove, on the morning of Monday 9 December.

PCSO Christian Haslam said: “We think it most likely that the items, all wrapped children’s toys or similar items, had been stolen nearby overnight and then just abandoned for some unknown reason.

“But we can’t identifiy any burglary or theft that might be connected.

“It would be really nice to reunite the intended recipients with them.”

The items were in three plastic bags containing

  • a wooden toothbrush holder with egg timer attached saying Isabella on it
  • a Nature’s Extracts body butter collection
  • a Quentin Blake set of books in plastic folder
  • a child’s bunny onesie
  • five pure cotton shorts
  • a hand and nail cream collection
  • a flower fairy find
  • a tutus and tiaras pink vanity box
  • an On This Day history of the world book
  • a blue happy kids teddy bear
  • a girl’s top with white and purple stripes and grey heart
  • a pair of purple leggings
  • a pack of hairbands
  • a girl’s white pyjama top with a mouse on the front
  • a white child’s dress with blue birds and a blue trim on top
  • assorted children’s books in plastic folder

Anyone wanting to claim the presents or who knows who they belong to is asked to phone Sussex Police on 101 or email

Sussex Police has kept back the names on some gift labels to help identify the rightful owners.

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