Three roads reincluded in second rollout of Brighton and Hove’s 20mph zone

Posted On 01 May 2014 at 2:42 pm
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People power has been praised for reinstating 20mph limits in streets removed from a widespread zone.

Despite approving the majority of phase 2 restrictions in December, Brighton and Hove city councillors voted to exclude Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue and Surrenden Road from the 20mph limits.

At the time, opposition councillors said there was “not a clear mandate” from locals to reduce the 30mph restriction.

But after a petition of nearly 750 people was presented to the local authority, the local authority has relented and agreed to the re-inclusion of the streets.

The decision was ratified at a meeting of the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee on Tuesday (April 29) after just three people or organisations objected.

In comparison, more than 150 others supported the plan when the official traffic orders were advertised.

The roads were originally excluded due to an amendment presented by Labour councillors.

This was then supported by Conservative members meaning they outvoted those members of the Green administration on the committee.

Labour councillor Gill Mitchell said: “Following the recent overwhelming expression of support from residents for the speed limits on these roads to be reduced, we are pleased that they will be included within the scheme.”

Conservative councillor Graham Cox said: “I must admit I always had misgivings about excluding  Surrenden Road and Preston Drove from the 20mph scheme.

“We never had a satisfactory explanation from the Labour Group as to why they proposed their amendment to exclude these roads.

“They suggested it was something to do with bus services even though buses do not use Preston Drove.

“Our suspicion was that Labour did it in order to appease part of the GMB who were lobbying them on the matter.

“Following the amendment there was an excellent campaign by local residents, which clearly demonstrated that the council’s own consultation had considerably underestimated the level of support for 20 mph in these residential roads.

“For that reason we were very happy to support re-instating the lower speed limit.”

Phase 1 of the limits were introduced in April 2013 on more than 500 city centre streets.

It is expected that Phase 2, which covers suburban areas such south Portslade, west Hove, Patcham and Hollingbury, will be operational from mid June.

The local authority claimed early monitoring from Phase 1 has shown a decrease in traffic speed on 74 per cent of roads.

A spokesman added collisions and casualties are down where the 20mph limit has been implemented.

Green councillor Ian Davey, the authority’s lead member for transport, said:  “20mph is increasingly popular for the simple and obvious reason that if you are hit by a car travelling at 20mph, you are far more likely to survive than if it was travelling at 30.  No informed opinion disputes this.

“The safety of children when they’re out playing or going to school is a major worry for parents and that is reflected in these figures.  I’m absolutely certain the result of 20mph, over time, will be a drop in collisions, injuries and deaths.

“That would be an amazing thing for a council to achieve. There will be people walking around in 10 years time who will owe their lives to 20mph.”

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