Will the Greens’ Brighton and Hove track record help or hinder European chances?

Posted On 05 May 2014 at 8:22 am
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The Green Party’s track record in Brighton and Hove was put under the spotlight by the BBC’s Sunday Politics South East programme yesterday.

BBC politics segmentThe show examined whether the party’s time in power in the city will help or hinder their attempt to get a second Green MEP in the May 22 European elections.

In a brief report shot in the city, the Green’s deputy council leader Ian Davey said: “We have achieved a great deal – I think we’ve been really successful on transport and the high streets as well.”

Labour activist Neil Schofield said: “They haven’t been able to deal with recycling and refuse. There’s no collective discipline.

“There’s no ability to come together on a coherent policy platform and actually deliver that.”

Latest TV’s Head of News and Argus columnist Tim Ridgway said: “They’ve had a difficult relationship with the electorate. I think that’s fair to say.

“But looking ahead to the Europeans, How many people will hold that against them? I don’t think they will.

“When it comes to European elections people will look at bigger issues.”

And Coun Davey said: “Voters for the Greens in the south east will elect representatives who will stand up for the interests of the people of the south east of England.

“They recognises some of those really key issues on both the environment and the economy as well and we have to get that balance right. ”

The party’s current MEP Keith Taylor, who is standing for re-election, also defended the party’s performance in a live studio debate following the report.

Watch here, from 54:45 minutes in. 

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