Brighton college sheds more than 50 jobs but with no compulsory redundancies

Posted On 20 Jun 2014 at 9:33 am

More than 50 staff at City College Brighton and Hove are to take voluntary redundancy.

The job losses – the equivalent of 51 full-time staff – come as the college tries to save £1.5 million from its budget.

The savings will be achieved without the need to make compulsory redundancies among academic staff or teaching assistants.

City College said that it had “confirmed the outcome of an intensive consultation period with union representatives, staff and students to agree details of a staff restructure at the college”.

It said: “The restructure was required to make savings of £1.5 million at a time when colleges across the country are facing significant cuts to core funding.

Lynn Thackway

Lynn Thackway

“Regarding staffing at the college, the key outcomes are that no academic staff or teaching assistants are at risk of losing their jobs.

“A few posts within the support staff structure remain at risk but the college anticipates reaching resolution in such a way that is acceptable to staff and their union representatives.

“Fifty one full-time equivalent staff from across the college have agreed to take voluntary redundancy.

“The college’s provision for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities (ALDD) has been retained and new courses have been developed which focus on developing core employability, English and maths skills as well as life skills such as healthy living and citizenship.

“There will also be journalism provision at the college.

“During the consultation, the college’s student support functions were closely looked at and more resources made available for student support.

“New student mentor posts have been put in place, the counselling service has been retained and long-serving teaching assistants have been decasualised.

“The college has a strong reputation for providing the support and recognises how vital this is for students accessing City College courses.

City College principal LynnThackway said: “Understandably, this has been a very difficult and intensive process to go through for everyone involved but I really feel, in terms of minimising job losses at the college, we’ve achieved a significant amount by working together.

“I think the level of engagement with the consultation was impressive, with everyone working incredibly hard together to reach agreement in such a way that focused on the best interests of students and staff.”

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