Police officer’s wrist broken in Pride knifeman scuffle

Posted On 03 Aug 2014 at 8:03 am
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A police officer’s wrist was broken after a knife was pulled on him at Pride today.

The British Transport Police officer was injured

The officer was injured as he arrested the struggling suspect.

In general, the event passed peacefully.


By 1am, there had been 28 arrests for suspected offences related to possession of drugs, theft, ABH and public disorder.

The parade made its way safely from Madeira Drive through the city centre in the morning and out to Preston Park.

The fine weather brought people in their tens of thousands to enjoy the day at the park and evening at the Pride Village Party in Kemp Town.

Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp, who was the Gold commander for the day’s policing event, said: “This is one of the biggest policing operations we manage, and it could not happen without the support and hard work from all those involved and the thousands of people who travel from far and wide to attend it and help make it an amazing and fun event. I was delighted to be able to march in the Parade again this year, which has to be one of the most enjoyable duties I undertake. I am also hugely proud of the officers who have been policing Pride this year, many of whom worked very long and busy shifts but remained positive and professional throughout.

“The overwhelming majority of people who have come to Pride have been brilliant but officers have made a number of arrests today for a variety of offences, which can be expected at such a large event. As the weekend continues I would urge people to please take care of themselves and each other. If you have come to the City with friends then stick together, have fun but make sure you all go home together – I don’t want anyone to end up with not so pleasant memories of their Pride weekend.

“A visible presence of officers will remain throughout the city with plenty on hand to help if you need it. So, please do not hesitate to approach an officer if you have any concerns or need to report a crime.”

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