New board game set in zombie-infested Brighton

Posted On 28 Aug 2014 at 3:06 pm
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What would you do if you woke up to find Brighton had been taken over by zombies – and there was only one spot left on the last train out?

zombn1-pre-order-box-zombie-pageThat’s the dilemma posed by new board game ZomBN1, the follow-up to Bedsit Games’ BN1.

Creator Paul Stapleton said: “I had the idea shortly after BN1 – I’ve always liked zombie films and fiction and it seemed a good idea to combine Brighton which I like and zombies which I love even more.

“I was also inspired by the Zombie Walk – when you see all the zombies walking down from the station to the beach, it makes quite an impression!

“It’s fairly typical zombie fayre but with a Brighton twist. It’s like Shaun of the Dead with a Brighton face to it.

Each player can choose to be a typical Brighton “character” – e.g. a yoga teacher, yummy mummy, DJ. Each starts at a different point and it’s then a race to get to the train station to escape the zombie infested city.

The game will be on sale from October 1, and you can pre-order a copy now by clicking here.

This isn’t the first time Brighton Station has been hit by a zombie apocalypse.

When the summer storms hit last month, the station’s unofficial Twitter account hit the headlines by describing the ensuing chaos thus:

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