Driver blocks Western Road by parking opposite roadworks

Posted On 24 Sep 2014 at 1:49 pm

How’s this for a bit of spectacularly bad parking? This driver provoked outrage when he parked on Western Road right opposite resurfacing works, completely blocking the road.

Western Road parkerThe picture was taken this morning at about 10am and posted on Twitter by @RageofForbes.

He said: “This idiot parked illegally outside Mascara holding up everything. The chaos was making everyone rage; a workman was kick the tyres and trying to “bump” it along!

“It held up everything Hove-bound for about 10 minutes. It might have been easier if it wasn’t a bendy bus waiting for space.”

The Spearhead
  1. feline1 Reply

    If only B&H City Council had some kind of powers and a whole department of people to enforce parking regulations! But no, I guess there’s just nothing they can do, so we’ll all have to put up with it /shrugs/

  2. Ian Reply

    They never enforce the parking rules on Western Road, claim they don’t know whether the cars are being loaded. Even when theyre parked by a junction so you cant see past them to tell if it’s safe they do nothing …

    Give every car on Western Road a ticket and let them appeal.

  3. Madness Reply

    Perhaps we could stop blaming the council for a short moment and focus on the bad decision made by the driver? #justsaying

    • E. M. Reply

      Not really, it is pass the “driver” now, the/she knows exactly where they are parking! It is a challenge to council to “do something about it”, isn’t it?! We all pay council tax for them to do their job, so I say let the council deal with it, they got the licence plate, it would be interesting to see if they will acctually do anything at all about it.

  4. lilly Reply

    What madness says!^^

  5. David Baker Reply

    This doesn’t surprise me in Brighton. Normally it’s taxi drivers parked where they shouldn’t be and nobody enforces the rules on them. The council say I’m not allowed to apply for a parking permit where I live cos it’s a new build. Hmmm… I have a strange feeling they’d soon do something about it if I started parking outside my own flat. It’s one rule for when it suits them and another for when it doesn’t!

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