Hove MP urges councillors to support campaign for 50m pool

Posted On 23 Oct 2014 at 6:33 pm

Hove MP Mike Weatherley urged councillors to include a flexible 50-metre pool within the King Alfred Leisure Centre redevelopment plans.

The Conservative MP presented a petition at a meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council this afternoon (Thursday 23 October).

The petition was signed by more than 2,000 people including all the local swimming clubs.

King Alfred 3Mr Weatherley was joined at Hove Town Hall by Shiverers Swimming Club chairman Mark Cannon and coach Jo Maynard.

He said: “A flexible 50m pool has many benefits over building separate smaller pools.

“A 50m pool beats every other pool type in many other ways. It can do all that separate pools can do and more.”

He said that  50m pool would enable galas to be held, attracting teams from around the country who would stay in our hotels and spend their money.

And he added that a 50m pool would be the same price or cheaper than separate smaller pools.

Mr Weatherley thanked councillors of all parties who have kept an open mind about what should be included when the King Alfred is redeveloped.

At the same meeting – the last full council meeting at Hove Town Hall until it is adapted to include more office space – the King Alfred was raised by Save Hove campaigner Valerie Paynter.

She asked: “To what extent and in what ways were Hove residents involved in the creation of the planning brief given to prospective developers?”

Green councillor Geoffrey Bowden, chairman of the King Alfred Project Board, said: We were very lucky to have a Hove-based member (Andrew Wealls) on the project board and he is very much in touch with residents.

“There will be a formal public consultation after a developer is appointed in April.”

  1. hjarrs Reply

    I would think that everyone would want a 50m pool, but given the cash strapped nature of the council, due to Mike Weatherley’s vindictive Conservative Party cuts in funding, surely this depends upon grants or the developer.

    I can’t help thinking that there is a straw man argument being set up here, push a campaign for the undeliverable and when it is not delivered make political capital from it.

    I know Mike, why don’t you do a first and get your finger out and do something for the city by lobbying the government for funding for a 50m pool. While you are at it, how about some additional funding to pay for housing the many homeless I see on the streets as a direct result of your party’s policies.

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