Park firework warning

Posted On 05 Nov 2014 at 11:41 am

Bonfire night revellers are being urged to stop letting off fireworks in public parks to reduce danger and litter.

pete west fireworks portrait

Councillor West, left, and senior gardener Bobby Domin, with fireworks already littering Preston Park

With a busy weekend for fireworks expected, the council says the festivities typically add to litter problems at a time when council gardeners already waste hours a day clearing up rubbish.

Chair of the environment committee Cllr Pete West said: “Last year after bonfire night I was walking around Preston Park and the grass was littered with discarded fireworks. As well as being a danger to passers-by it makes a terrible mess.

“So I’m calling on people to respect our beautiful public spaces and to enjoy their fireworks at public displays or on their own property. Letting off fireworks in a park is antisocial and leaving the rubbish there adds insult to injury.”

Cllr West said the garden manager at The Level in Brighton typically spends three hours a day clearing rubbish before he can get on with tending the grounds and working with park users.

Cllr West added: “This is an unnecessary and unsustainable burden and I appeal to some members of the public to show more care and pride.”

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  2. Rostrum Reply

    Queue the inevitable kill joy bonfire night storey… Love the sour-faced photo…

  3. Clive Reply

    So if we have travellers wrecking a park or area it’s fine but fireworks aren’t wanted.
    Let’s deal with the real issues in Brighton.

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