Brighton and Hove Labour pledges to build more council housing

Posted On 27 Jan 2015 at 3:50 pm

Leading Labour politicians in Brighton and Hove have promised to build more council housing if they win the elections in May.

The pledge was one of five housing promises spelt out by the Brighton and Hove Labour Party yesterday (Monday 26 January).

They are intended to “tackle the critical housing situation in Brighton and Hove”.

Councillor Warren Morgan and the party’s two parliamentary candidates in Brighton, Purna Sen and Nancy Platts set out their aims alongside Emma Reynolds, the Shadow Housing Minister.

They described their policies as a five-point action plan. They said

  • We will prioritise building new affordable housing and stimulate building of new affordable homes.
  • We aim to directly provide more council housing by building at least 500 council houses.
  • We want to secure 40 per cent affordable homes in new housing developments and deliver family housing as part of the affordable housing requirement.
  • We will consult on introducing a register of landlords to protect tenants and raise standards in the private rented sector. A licence will be used, where needed, to tackle anti-social behaviour in areas of HMOs.
  • We will support the national Labour Party’s promise to promote secure three-year tenancies and eradicate rip-off letting agent fees.

Councillor Warren Morgan, the Labour leader in Brighton and Hove, said: “Delivering a secure and affordable place to live for our residents is one of the big challenges we face in May if elected to run the city.

“It’s a challenge we are up for – delivering more new homes, making the private rented sector work for tenants, delivering real affordability to those who need it.”

Councillor Warren Morgan, Purna Sen, Emma Reynolds and Nancy Platts

Councillor Warren Morgan, Purna Sen, Emma Reynolds and Nancy Platts

Purna Sen, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Brighton Pavilion, said: “Having met so many private tenants living in appalling conditions and financial hardship in our city, I am clear that Labour plans for more secure tenancies, predictable rents and an end to up-front fees are vital.

“And Labour is already in discussion at the national level with professional associations to make sure those proposals become practical policies.”

Nancy Platts, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, said: “Many people living in rented accommodation are fed up with the poor standards of maintenance and insecure rental agreements.

“I have been inside some properties where there is mould growing on the ceiling and badly fitting windows but people are worried about asking for repairs for fear of being evicted.

“Everyone is entitled to a warm and secure home and that is what I will campaign for if I am elected.”

  1. Miles Reply

    How does this sit with the national policy since 1985 to deliberately under provide new build homes in order to artificially increase the value of existing housing stock and prop up the economy on borrowed ghost money?

    Pull the other one Labour 🙂

  2. Hjarrs Reply

    Hurrah! Labour adopt ANOTHER Green Party policy!

    Mind you, after Warren and Co raised the amount the poorest pay towards council tax by 76%, their commitment to continuing swinging cuts and a past record of Labour building zero council houses for decades, who would believe them?

    Beware of wolves in Green clothing!

  3. George Coombs Reply

    Two good posts. One thing I would wish to see here is a time commitment in the event og a labour win in brighton and Hove and also an idea as to where the money is coming from to pay for these houses. the fact is that Brighton and Hove has a housing crsisi, a while back they were calling it a problem not a crisis but now the crisis is being recognised s such-too many local problems trace back to a lack of authentic listening

  4. Neil Jones Reply

    And where are these new homes going to be built? There are no sites available. And how is a register of landlords and tackling anti-social behaviour going to bring down rents? Rent controls didn’t work in the 1970s. Why should they work now?

  5. rolivan Reply

    Neil Jones apart from The Council owning lots of Land they could take a leaf out of Hyde Homes book as they seem to be able to find sites including one that had its application put forward yesterday on the corner of Goldstone Lane and Newtown Rd for flats and houses.

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