Seven Dials repairs postponed to ease roadworks frustration

Posted On 20 Feb 2015 at 10:01 am

Repairs to the award-winning Seven Dials roundabout are being put on hold while roadworks around Brighton Station continue.

Seven DialsCracks began to appear in the kerbs at the new roundabout in October, less than a year after it opened in December 2013.

However, after investigating the problem, the council has decided they pose no risk to the public and has postponed repairs to avoid adding to the city’s current roadworks.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the problem with loose kerbs at the Seven Dials roundabout. However, we do not consider them to be a safety risk for either pedestrians or drivers.

“We are also conscious of the disruption the nearby works around Brighton Station and indeed elsewhere in the city have been causing.

“With this in mind we have therefore made a strategic decision to delay the repairs to the Seven Dials roundabout until the summer, after the nearby Brighton Station works have been completed.

“The scheme is still in the guaranteed maintenance period with the contractor, so the repairs will be done at their expense.”

Resident Bob Potter, who raised the issue in October, said he was surprised the council said they posed no safety risk.

He said: “Obviously I have no engineering qualifications, but I’m amazed that anyone could say these loose and fragmented tiles do not pose a safety risk.

“It’s the fragmentation that surely poses the greater risk — I’ve frequently stood on the pavement and watched traffic drive over the loose bits – they always move and never return to exactly the same position.”

  1. bill Reply

    Strategic decision? It’s called common sense,but I am sure this council have never heard these strange words before…

  2. Rostrum Reply

    So that’ll be after the elections then!

  3. feline1 Reply

    But surely these Seven Dials “improvements” were AWARD WINNING, how could the possibly need repair? #fml

  4. Clyde Cash Reply

    You voted for the Green Party; you GOT the Green Party!!!

    Happy now?

  5. feline1 Reply

    Actually you “got” the intellectually bankrupt GMB-staffed unsackable public sector loons of the B&HCC Highways Dept.

  6. Bob Reply

    Absolutely outrageous. They are happy to close off dozens of other roads regardless of the congestion for their vanity schemes, but when it comes to repairs that are really necessary, they shirk their responsibilities. The repairs should have been done last year before the latest phase of chaos around the station.
    If a cyclist falls off after hitting one of the loose stones will Davey set the repairs started sooner?

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