Terminus Road taxi rank frustrates motorists

Posted On 25 Feb 2015 at 2:52 pm

The latest phase in the transformation of the roads around Brighton Station has prompted more anguish from motorists frustrated by city roadworks.

Terminus RoadBrighton and Hove City Council has closed Terminus Road to southbound traffic until March 6 so that taxis can use it as a temporary rank while the station approach road is resurfaced.

And until the entire scheme is finished in the summer, southbound traffic will not be permitted south of Trafalgar Street and Guildford Road.

Work includes repaving the footways with stone, new lighting, improved bus stops and new seating, trees and street furniture.

The Spearhead

But in the meantime, drivers are annoyed at the delays:

However, it could have been worse – the council postponed repairs to the Seven Dials roundabout until the station works are completed to avoid a roadworks double whammy.

  1. feline1 Reply

    The council did notify residents first: all houses in the ward have been getting regular newsletters through the door about the Brighton Station Gateway scheme every couple of months. Don’t let facts get in the way of reporting though 😉

    A better article might have questioned why it takes months to resurface a road and pavement and plant a tree. It’s clearly just one of those scams where the contractor deliberately over-estimates the amount of time the job will take by about 200%, gets paid by the day, and sends his men off to do other (similarly overquoted) work elsewhere whilst back in Brighton they replace about one kerbstone per-every-other-day.

  2. Nell Reply

    Interestingly it’s where the taxi rank used to be back in the days of horse and cab taxis!

    Local residents were notified although it’s a tiny bit confusing to follow!

    Mostly I have to agree with feline 1’s post!

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