Portslade charity offers unique insight into how to grow a business

Posted On 21 Apr 2015 at 9:20 am

A Portslade charity is offering unique insights into how to grow a thriving business – based on its own remarkable experience.

Emmaus Brighton has teamed up with the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce to share the secrets of its success.

The chief executive of Emmaus Brighton, Christine Squince, and business manager Joel Lewis will be offering a series of insights at a Chamber Pop-up Breakfast tomorrow (Wednesday 22 April).

The Chamber said: “This is a unique opportunity to experience the Emmaus café and discover how the charity which helps the homeless has grown several thriving businesses.

“Housed in a Grade II listed former convent complete with chapel, it has a fabulous café, a garden shop and also sells vintage shabby chic up-cycled goods.

“Emmaus is changing perceptions about homelessness and making a practical difference. You’ll get to meet the beneficiaries of this charity and hear how the team makes it all work.”

Christine Squince and Joel Lewis will talk about the charity’s early priorities.

And, the Chamber said, they will reveal how they have gone about building a team capable of developing both a business and a community – and how it really is possible to get the blend right.

The Chamber added: “Find out how developing this far from traditional charity shop as a destination that customers want to visit and spend time at has been key to Emmaus Brighton’s success.

“Christine and Joel will also talk about how they have supported a new Emmaus community that has recently opened in Hastings.

“Naturally, the focus has to be on growth, development and business opportunity to quite literally keep the roof over all their heads.

“But at the same time, they have to make sure each new idea matches the workforce and the skills of the community it serves.

“Also when one of their 48 companions says they are ready to move on, the job is done, but it also means that the workforce can change at any time.

“Find out how they manage this ever changing and sometimes challenging workforce.

“You’ll hear about the challenges this presents and the importance of having the right board of trustees can make.

“You’ll also learn about the winning management and leadership style that makes this social enterprise work so well, how they choose what to do, and how they stay sane in this multifaceted environment.

“What is the vision ahead for this enterprising charity? What are they looking at next?

“Whether you already love Emmaus, or you have never been before, this is an event not to miss.

“You may want to leave some time to look round the Secondhand Superstore, the Emporium and the Greenhouse afterwards.”

Tickets are £18 and the event runs from 9.15am to 11am at Emmaus Brighton, in Drove Road, Portslade.

The event is open to Chamber members and non-members. To buy a ticket and for more information, click here.

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