Brighton burglar goes from the chiller to the slammer

Posted On 19 Jun 2015 at 5:42 pm

A burglar from Brighton has been jailed after being caught hiding with his accomplice in a restaurant freezer.

Sussex Police said: “Thorough officers not only caught two burglars but also saved their lives when they hid in a walk in freezer.

“The two burglars, Dene Temple and Stephen Fidler (pictured), pleaded guilty to the charges of burglary when they were found inside a Chinese restaurant.

  “Police were called to Sichuan Garden Chinese takeaway in Ditchling Road around midnight on Saturday 21 March to reports two men had been seen inside the restaurant.

“When officers arrived they could hear voices inside but when they did a search the men couldn’t be found.

“Another more thorough search was done and two men were found in the walk-in freezer. They had gone in and shut themselves inside.

“Temple, 37, of Sillwood Street, and Fidler, 39, of Grand Parade, were arrested and charged for burglary.

“Both unemployed men pleaded guilty when they appeared at Lewes Crown Court on (Friday) 15 May.

“Temple was given a four-month curfew and given a £295 fine. Fidler was sentenced to 16 months in prison and ordered to pay £100 fine.”

Chief Inspector Dave Padwick said: “When my officers found the suspects they were expecting a frosty reception but the suspects were very pleased to see them, which makes a change.

“Our officers not only did a fantastic job of catching two burglars but also saved these two men’s lives, who would have frozen to death inside.

“These men thought they got away with being inside this Chinese takeaway by hiding but stupidly thought they could do this inside the walk-in freezer where there is no doubt they would have died.

“Thankfully the officers who attended did not give up on their search and were able to free them.”

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