Hove MP urges party to unite behind Corbyn and work for Labour victory

Posted On 12 Sep 2015 at 11:37 am

Hove MP Peter Kyle has urged his colleagues to unite behind new leader Jeremy Corbyn and focus on achieving a Labour victory.

Mr Kyle said: “It’s been a long and exhilarating leadership contest.

“Ultimately the membership didn’t choose the leader that I’d hoped, but I respect their decision and I want to learn from how our new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, energised people in the Labour movement.

Peter Kyle

Peter Kyle

“Jeremy and his new deputy, Tom Watson, will be setting out their agenda to win over the trust of the British people in the coming weeks.

“My job is to support them in that by respecting the choice of Labour members and continuing to make sure I represent the priorities and needs of everyone who lives in Hove and Portslade as strongly as I can both within the Labour Party and Parliament.”

On his Facebook page Mr Kyle said: “Congratulations Jeremy. Voters in the Labour Party have spoken very clearly.

“I won’t kid you by pretending not to be disappointed that the candidate I supported didn’t win but I do speak from the heart when I say that I respect the democratic choice that has been made.

“I will be working as hard as ever – no, even harder – to ensure a Labour victory at the general election in 2020.

“My job remains the same. I’ll carry on listening to the needs, priorities and aspirations of everyone in Hove and Portslade – the 1,500 Labour members, the 22,000 people who voted for me and those who either didn’t vote for me or didn’t vote at all – and make sure you are all equally represented as powerfully as I am able both within Parliament and also in the Labour Party so that our values are focused on tackling the priorities you tell us about.

“Best of all though is that we as a political party can move forward from a process that is inherently inward-facing and turn outwards towards the public again which is where I’m happiest and where every party needs to be to win.”

Councillor Warren Morgan

Councillor Warren Morgan

More than 420,000 people voted in the leadership contest, with Mr Kyle backing Liz Kendall for leader and Ben Bradshaw for deputy.

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Warren Morgan also backed Liz Kendall.

Councillor Morgan said: “Today my focus is on representing the city at the memorial event at the American Express Community Stadium for those lost in the Shoreham air crash.

“However, voters in the Labour leadership election have made their choice, and I respect their decision.

“The Labour and Co-operative group on the city council has always decided local policies in the best interests of Brighton and Hove and that position will not change.

“We were elected in May to improve our refuse and recycling service, grow our economy, build more homes and deliver better jobs and education for local residents under the most difficult of financial circumstances.

“That’s the job we are getting on with and I expect the leader of the party to support us in doing so.”

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    Shape up or ship out…for too long both of you have have been part of the problem not the solution!

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