Clutch of new parking schemes set to be put to public vote

Posted On 05 Oct 2015 at 2:54 pm

Three areas of Brighton are to be asked if they want residents parking schemes as another proposed scheme divided one neighbourhood.

Bad parking in Montreal Street, Hanover. Picture by Ken Frost

Bad parking in Montreal Street, Hanover. Picture by Ken Frost

Fiveways is now set to get parking controls in spring next year after 74 per cent of locals supported the idea. However, the adjoining Surrenden area, lying within the Withdean and Patcham wards, is likely to be omitted as most householders there opposed it.

A new Brighton and Hove City Council report suggests a shortlist of other schemes to be set up elsewhere, tailored to meet specific residents’ demands in each area.

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After Fiveways it recommends these should cover Hollingbury Road and Ditchling Gardens, plus the Hanover and Elm Grove areas.

Hollingbury Road residents have petitioned and lobbied the council on the need for a scheme to prevent vehicles being displaced from surrounding areas which already have controlled parking. A new proposed scheme could include Ditchling Gardens where residents report parking difficulties. If supported it could be installed soon after the Fiveways parking scheme.

Background work would also begin straight away on a scheme for Hanover and Elm Grove. Details of a public consultation would be presented to the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee early next year for approval.

The local action team (LAT) surveyed more than 1,000 residents and found that they were two-to-one in favour in the core area of Hanover bounded by Albion Hill, Queen’s Park Road, Elm Grove and Lewes Road.

Residents north of Elm Grove are still generally against controlled parking, according to the LAT. However, it is felt they may favour a different type of scheme, tailored to their specific needs. The council stresses it is open to ideas.

The Craven Vale area surrounding Queensway and The Causeway would be surveyed at the same time as Hanover due to what residents feel is a worsening parking situation there. Eighty four per cent of householders said in a recent community survey that they wanted to be consulted.

Work on a parking scheme consultation would begin in Preston Village from spring 2016. West Hove would follow later in the year, after the Kingsway and West Hove Residents Association lobbied the council.

In early 2017, Hove Park residents would be asked for their views. These areas would be dependent on residents coming forward with a deputation or petition to outline the area they want the council to consult on.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “As always, we are responding to residents’ requests for action. With such pressure on road space, residents are asking us for schemes to deter commuter or visitor parking. We will always consult and only introduce schemes where most residents want them.”

Decisions on Fiveways and the priority list will be made by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee next Tuesday.

  1. April tucknott Reply

    Parking needs to be address in following areas, all along the racecourse where they are parking both sides (yellow lines )need to be put down. Along tenetary down or restricted day time as dangerous also down manor hill as now parking on both sides and can’t get passed.

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