Dom Joly films new prank in Brighton

Posted On 17 Nov 2015 at 12:15 pm

Dom Joly was caught on camera today filming a practical joke in which he pretended to call 999 for a hangover.

A short clip of the TV comic was posted on Twitter showing him dressed in a suit sitting at a bus stop by Brighton Station telling a young man sat next to him that he has called paramedics to bring him some paracetamol.

Two people dressed in ambulance crew uniforms then turn up – but at the same time, three men dressed as huge blue ones are seen walking past in the background.

He tells the man sat next to him: “I just need paracetamol and an ambulance to take me home, and that’s it.”

When the “paramedics” arrive, he tells them: “I was out in London and had a big night out.”

It’s not known what the filming was for, but it was announced earlier this year that the comic would be filming a pilot for new online shorts of his hit TV show Trigger Happy TV for Channel 4.

The comic was also spotted filming in Brighton over the summer, with the gossip email Popbitch reporting he had been seen cycling through Pavilion Gardens shouting: “This is a cycle path! I’m on a bicycle!”

Today’s video was posted on Twitter by Peter Lee Suer, and someone of the same name is listed on LinkedIn as a production assistant with Spirit Digital, with whom Dom Joly was working over the summer.

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed that none of their staff were in the clip.

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