Mice, filth and untrained staff lead to £12k fine for Brighton restaurant

Posted On 07 Dec 2015 at 10:57 am

A Brighton restaurant run by untrained staff using dirty, broken and greasy kitchen equipment in filthy, rodent infested conditions has been fined £11,937 by magistrates.

Little Bay cooker
Organic Moments Limited, which runs the Little Bay restaurant on the Kings Road, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of food hygiene breaches at Eastbourne Magistrates on Friday.

When the council’s food safety team carried out a routine kitchen inspection at the beginning of July they found the cooker and chargrill caked in layers of burnt-on grease and food debris, trays of uncovered food, dirty floors and filthy cloths and tea towels swimming in a tray of dirty water.

They also discovered a dark brown puddle of oil on a ledge behind cooking equipment, a pool of grease dripping from the flue onto the roof outside and a congealed, dried out fish dish in the fridge.

In the breakfast bar there was evidence of mice and spilt rodent bait as well as crumbs, dirt and food debris on the floor.

Little Bay. Image taken from Google Streetview

Little Bay. Image taken from Google Streetview

The inspection revealed that food safety records had not been filled out since May 2015 and that staff had not received adequate training in food hygiene.

Officers made regular visits in July and August, but although some cleaning was carried out, some areas were still filthy. No real progress was made to clean up until the end of August. The premises food hygiene rating was zero.

Last month food safety officers went back again. They found staff had made significant improvements and were able to rescore the premises with a three (out of five) star food hygiene rating.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city’s environment committee, said: “We are pleased that Little Bay has finally reached a satisfactory hygiene standard thanks to the persistence of our officers.

“It is simply not acceptable to operate in filthy conditions and put the public at risk. Our food safety team is there to make sure premises selling food are safe and to give support, training and advice to businesses to achieve high standards.”

The standards of eateries in the city are improving year on year. The council’s food safety team works with food businesses to improve standards to ensure the food they sell is safe and will use legal powers to ensure poor standards will not be tolerated.

  1. Marty Reply

    At least the filth was organic…

  2. Claire Fergusson -otoole Reply

    Very disappointed to hear filthy conditions at one of my favourite eateries. You just don’t know what goes on in the kitchen in the aim of profit…makes me lose confidence in other places…no doubtthey are all serving meat etc using G M disturbing to know the truth .

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