Withdean puppy park saved

Posted On 01 Mar 2016 at 11:09 am

A campaign to save a fenced off area of Withdean Park which has come to be used as a “puppy park” has succeeded after campaigners put their money where their mouth is and offered to stump up the necessary cash.

The fencing, which was first put up to preserve the park’s lilacs from rabbits, was threatened with the chop after it became damaged and possibly dangerous.

Lilacs in Withdean Park by Paul Gillet on www.geograph.org.uk
The Friends of Withdean Park supported the dismantling of the fence, saying the area has become littered with dog mess since becoming popular with dog walkers, who come from far and wide to let their pets off the leash safely.

But now that campaigners have offered to raise the necessary funds and provide the workforce, it seems the fencing is set to be replaced, under the supervision of the ranger team.

Ward councillor Lee Wares, who with his colleagued Geoffrey and Carol Theobald helped broker the agreement, said: “This now means that the many who use the park with their young children and puppies have a safe place to do so.

“As part of the “deal”, we have also received the agreement of the campaigners to make keeping the area clean, including to and from the fenced section, a priority.”


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