Ice pig set to burrow through Brighton’s water mains

Posted On 10 Mar 2016 at 3:46 pm

A new method of cleaning water mains is to be trialled in Brighton tomorrow when an ice pig burrows underneath Hanover.
Ice Pig
The pig, made of frozen liquid, will be pushed through the water mains from Queens Park Terrace all the way to Cobden Road by Southern Water engineers.

A spokesman said: “The process is very straightforward. An ice pig – frozen liquid that looks like crushed ice – is inserted in one end of the water main and pushed through before being removed at the other. As it travels the pipe it cleans it out.

“We’re going to start in Queens Park Terrace and end in Cobden Road at the junction of Islingword Road.

“There will be a few of us in high-vis and hard hats so we’ll be quite visible. The procedure will only take a couple of hours, and there will be minimal disruption.”

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