Man found hanged in Brighton park

Posted On 08 May 2016 at 7:57 pm

A man has been found hanged in a park in Brighton hours after he was reported missing by his family.

The local man, in his early forties, was reported missing at about 9am yesterday (Saturday 7 May).

Sussex Police officers were joined by colleagues from the Sussex Search and Rescue team and Sussex Search Dogs to look for him after his car was found in Stanmer Park. The search took almost four hours.

They found the body of the man hanging from a tree in the woods in Stanmer Park shortly before 1pm.

Crew members from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and the South East Coast Ambulance Service attended but nothing could be done to save the man.

The emergency services were stood down at about 3pm.

Police officers are in the process of notifying his next kin.

The coroner has been informed and a report is being prepared, with an inquest likely to be held.

  1. Steve Allen Reply

    And on such a beautiful day, what a sad turn for his family

  2. Sarah Louise Walter Reply

    This makes me completely furious! I know that this man was obviously in an extremely bad place and i would never judge or criticise someone suffering from mental illness, as a sufferer myself i know how that road feels but the fact that he took his own life in a busy park at a spell where we’ve had some gorgeous weather makes me feel sick. I know the guy obviously wasn’t thinking straight but you think park, your next thought is kids. If he had been found by a child it would have done possibly irreparable psychological damage. I mean, it’s traumatic enough for an adult to find something like that but a kid?? My heart goes out to the poor man and his loved ones but the thought of taking your life in a park full of families makes my stomach churn. Maybe it’s a woman thing? It’s said that women commit suicide in ‘neater’ ways (pills etc) because they think about what happens after they are gone. Who will find them? Who will have to clean up? Etc. It’s possible that this is an extension of that? Did anyone else have such a reaction to this? I actually shocked myself with this.

    • I don't want to give my name Reply

      Hi Sarah, I am the partner of the man in this story and after I read your comment I felt compelled to reply to you. I understand your angst but I’m afraid my late boyfriends story has been misrepresented. After they found his car by the tearooms, it took an enormous task force of police, volunteers, dogs and helicopters almost four hours to find his body. Stanmer park was the place he was happiest but he had taken himself to the deepest, wildest part of that woodland, far away from where anyone would stumble across him. Knowing him as I do, his choice was very deliberate. I say this with love, not only to clear his name but also to help you find peace in something that’s clearly upset you.

      • Lindsay Coleman Reply

        Wow, what a kind, gentle and gracious response to give. I hope you also find peace at this distressing time honey. Sending love and hugs to you. Lindsay x

      • Janet Reply

        Having only just heard this awful news I wanted to send my heartfelt support for you at this time of loss.

    • Heather Bea Reply

      Sarah Louise Walter – you are ignorant and thoughtless……….

  3. Terry Wing Reply

    I have the contact details for the Samaritans on the top of my Facebook page (in the Intro section) so that their number is always available for friends and their friends.

    It takes a hell of a lot of courage to kill yourself; he was a brave man albeit in a bad place mentally. RIP

    Feeling depressed or suicidal? There is always someone to help you: .The Samaritans: 116 123 any time

  4. Gayle Woolf Reply

    I was running through Stanmer woods st 12.30 that day and saw the police. I had the exact thoughts that thank god I did not find him whilst on my run. It would have been awful! My heart goes out to his family.

  5. jb Reply

    My thoughts are entirely with those who loved this man.

  6. Kathy Taylor Reply

    My Thoughts are with you all and God bless the poor lad X Nobody would ever know how this lad was feeling that. Very sad day Rip X

  7. Lynne Thompson Reply

    Sadly Sarah, we will never understand the pain a person is in to contemplate taking their own life, I find your comments and lack of compassion and understanding very sad, you have no idea what this man was going through, it’s not always a thought out process and it’s nothing to do with being a man or a woman, and to suggest that women are more thoughtful in suicide is ludicrous, do a little research before you cast aspersions.
    To the lady who has just lost her boyfriend my thoughts and prayers are with you, and what ever trouble him so, may he find peace.

  8. joe ifill-hosier Reply

    I don’t often comment but Sarah what gives you the right to judge have you ever seen suicide by train your lack of empathy does you no justice what did you do right to just somebody you don’t know your comment I would not judge or criticise somebody with mental health that’s exactly what you have done. to me suicide is the ultimate act there is an organisation called grass roots suicide prevention Time to change the Samaritans and that there are others one life lost to suicide is one life too many

  9. Elaine smeeth Reply

    I don’t know the mans name BUT he HAS to have been in a VERYdark place and could see no way out,except to take his own life,may he R I P and please don’t judge him for ending it all,he obviously had his reasons,and that doesn’t mean he didn’t lovepeople he left behind, it just means he was in a very emotional frame of mind and did what HE thought best,he must have been in such turmoil bless him and one thing I can say,is he’s braver than myself!!! I know a LOVELY young lady,and NO I’m not naming her,who ended it all recently,and if anyone judges her,I would flip so why judge this man?

  10. Elaine smeeth Reply

    I also meant to say everyone is entitled to choose which path they take and this man chose his!!

  11. Liz Reply

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Sarah was judging this man. The story was mis-represented, as is often the case in the press. As his partner says, he actually went deep into the woods where he was very unlikely to be found – it took the police 4 hours to do so. He was clearly a very troubled man who deserves to rest in peace. I hope is now free of his torment. My thoughts are with his family and friends who will no doubt miss him enormously. And also with those effected by this sad story.

    • Frank le Duc Reply

      Liz, I’m sorry if you feel that we were misrepresenting anyone. Many people were aware of the police presence in the park and we were trying to report the facts as sensitively as possible. Like most people, we rarely have the full picture but try to share as much information as we can in a timely and reasonable manner. We do get things wrong sometimes and always try to put them right as quickly as possible and say sorry if we’ve caused anyone a problem in the process. It is right that sudden deaths are properly investigated and there is openness about what has happened. But that creates its own challenges which we aim to handle without unnecessarily adding to the grief felt by those left behind. We are grateful to everyone who helps us with what is often a delicate balancing act.

  12. Debbie Reply

    My thoughts are with all his family. ..I know what you’re going through x

  13. steve Reply

    hi sorry to hear that i must say l have got bipolar and i must say theres not enough help out there and when you do call police or hosp there make you wait hours than its to late or tell you to go way and dont be silly some people make it worse not better my thoughts are with all the famlly steve rip mate sorry

  14. Roberty Boberty Reply

    I knew this man many years ago. He was very special. This is devastatingly sad news. Warm love an thoughts to his partner, family and friends.

    • Daniel Reply

      Do you know his name and where he was from?

  15. Daniel Reply

    Does anyone know the name of person who’s killed

    • Arthur Reply

      Yes Daniel , why ??

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