Arrests made as nationalist march due to start in Brighton

Posted On 04 Jun 2016 at 10:32 am

Police have already made 12 arrests this morning as a nationalist march is expected to start in Brighton.


The No More Refugees march, organised by far right groups, has been called for midday today.

A counter protest, organised by Stop the March for England  (Stop MFE) is due to assemble at Brighton Station at 11am.

Brighton police said: “Brighton protests have started in the city. Police have engaged a large group and a number of smaller groups.

“Police now have 12 arrests in relation to the protests taking place across the city. Officers are out in large numbers.”

As well as the march, the Kemp Town Carnival is taking place today. Organisers have urged people to party rather than protest, and say they are confident police will keep any trouble at bay.

Stop MFE has also warned protesters not to mistake members of a skinhead reunion taking place in Brighton today for fascist marchers.

  1. A R Bonner Reply

    What sort of reporting is this? 12 arrests made but nothing about if they we fascists or anti fascist. Ridiculous lazy report.

  2. Heather Bea Reply

    It’s the police I feel sorry for.
    Unarmed and with the inevitable cutbacks from this government – the force still maintains as much law an order as possible – and I thank them.

    As for the marches.
    I agree with the sentiments of the ‘No More Refugees’ and likewise bodies.
    But dialogue and using ones brain – is preferable to the undoubted manner the marchers will adopt.

  3. Bloke Reply

    It’s not as though Britain is full up. It’s a lie to think of it otherwise.

    MFE do not represent British people nor British values. British values include openness, tolerance, diversity and charity. MFE are traitors to this ideology, and Brighton doesn’t want them.

    Given the choice between the humanity of welcoming refugees (a problem the UK helped to create) and the MFE cowards, I’d be offering help to those less fortunate any day – no matter what nationality.

    • Tom Reply

      British values also include empire building, slavery and racialism. Oh but wait, you’re talking about *your* own British values which are the total sum of left wing dribble and not the values of the British as a whole. See, being British is far more than just the last 30 years, and the values of this nation are varied and mixed.. So please don’t brand British values with your liberal stamp because you don’t speak for me.

    • Jean Skinner Reply

      Do we have to get full up before we realise all the population explosion involved ! Madness.

    • Brighton business owner. Reply

      “MFE do not represent British people nor British values. British values include openness, tolerance, diversity and charity. MFE are traitors to this ideology, and Brighton doesn’t want them.”

      Hang on there bloke. I’m English and I don’t agree with you. Does that make me a supporter of MFE? Having been at a few of these marches on various sides (yep I like to get both sides). One thing has remained a constant. The anti marchers have always been the instigators of trouble. Turning up wearing masks and surrounding people. Starting fights where there are small children and parents. Personally I would rather Brighton was full of MFE supporters than people who hide behind words like diversity and charity. I’m not anti any thing or any one but bigotry. You sir are a bigot. You are intolerant to others views. Therefore I am against YOU!

    • Fed Up Reply

      It is “Do Gooders” like you who have helped create this problem. I am a native English women and know that the working people of this country always get the raw deal. Sometimes marching is the only way the frustrated citizens of this country feel they are heard.Desperate measures equal frustrated people and still no one listens. We have not the infrastructure to accommodate the population that exits now and yet we allow more and more people in, surely it is just common sense to close our borders now until we can resolve this growing problem!!! Will there always be an England??

    • Maria Day Reply

      How full do we have to be before we are full, in your opinion? Do you think all these young men are refugees? It is not ‘far right’ to think our infrastructure is under unsustainable pressure. You may rightly be proud of British tolerance. Many of those coming here are bringing intolerance.

  4. Jack Reply

    There is a Big Skinhead reunion going on today and its all about SKINHEADS BRACES DONT MAKE YOU A RACIST! Skinheads started a movement against racism, have a listen to some ska! the protestors have instantly gone in front of the Skinheads and it just goes to show how stupid some people are. How about you go home and do some research. To any neo Nazis and idiot taking the skinhead look on as a racist please feel free to go jump off a cliff or enter a whole a very deep and dark whole and don’t come out until you have came to some sense many thanks!

  5. Joh Lea Reply


    Being in the EU means that anybody within can come to live and work in the UK.

    And before I hear the argument that working migrants contribute to taxes ect have a think about this.

    The countries low paid jobs are being largely consumed by immigration.

    Low paid jobs are either exempt from income tax AND OR qualify for tax credits.

    On top of this anybody in a low paid job will qualify for housing benefits.

    What does this mean?

    This means eu migrants can come to the uk, secure a low paid job, pay zero income tax and receive tax credits. Obtain housing by either the local authority or in the private sector and then claim housing benefit because they are on a low income.

    They have access to our services, schools NHS without having to contribute a single penny.

    So do you really think that the ageing population is to blame for the failing NHS. RUBBISH

    AND before you spew up that sanctions are in place in regards to benefits……

    The only benefit an eu migrant cannot claim is employment support allowance. And that lame section only came about in last 12 months. Perhaps you should familiarise yourselves with the U.K welfare system.

    • Steve F Reply

      Well put, we are given all these “facts” like immigrants contribute more than they cost, what crap. They can’t even tell us how many there are, let alone how much they contribute to the countries economy? I’m also assuming, that I can migrate to let’s say, Rumania, and claim hundreds of pounds in benefits, tax credits, housing, health etc, etc? Or is it as I suspect, that it just allows huge numbers of those with little or no education, or working skills, to descend on other countries, like a plague of Locust, and proceed to suck the place dry, and move on? Or send money home, to improve their life style there, at others expense.

    • Julie Reply

      Well said!
      I work for the nhs and it’s a joke! We had 14 DR’s appointments last Thursday and only 2 were patients were from the UK. Serious amounts of money being spent on interpreters.
      We are not building extra Hospitals, Schools, Dr’s Surgery’s or houses to accommodate, nor do I want them too as we are a small island.
      The government don’t live in the world they create. They don’t sit on crammed trains and buses or can’t see a GP or have to wait hours in A and E.
      It’s not about race…its about space.
      They are giving away the tax you’ve all paid and you have no say in that!

  6. joe Reply

    Jon lea you are indeed incorrect what puzzles me is do you know your incorrect all that your willingly spreading a lie Heather Bea maybe interest to know that our please now carry CS gas some Carrie tasers some even carry firearms

  7. jason Reply

    Check out joe’s stupid comment, you clearly know nothing about uk welfare policy, jon was spot on with his statement, does please mean police ?

  8. sedge Reply

    Crusty Antifa lefties were told by organisers not to go down to the skinhesd reunion as it was nothing to do with the marches. But sure enough they turn up goading and inciting trouble , masked up with silly flags. Thankfully we all found it very amusing and laughable and were too busy drinking and enjoying ourselves to take the bait . The left are more fascist than the fascists . They wouldn’t have come down there without a police escort ,

  9. John wallsgrove Reply

    For All you people’s out there please remember All those who gave their Lives for you tomorrow have a Better Tomorrow, Stop & think Before you Put Your Life Before Your Country. Honest John

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