Residents call for review of ‘dangerous’ Elm Grove junction where crash left cyclist fighting for his life

Posted On 19 Jul 2016 at 1:39 pm

People living near the site of a crash which critically injured a cyclist – who ten days later is still seriously ill in hospital – have called for a review of the junction where it happened.
Elm Grove accidents
A lorry driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and drug driving, and released on police bail until 7 September while enquiries continue.

The 27-year-old Brighton man who was hit by the pick-up truck is still in hospital in a serious condition, police said.

The crash happened at the junction of Elm Grove and Lewes Road on Saturday, July 9. A petition was launched last Wednesday by Hanover resident and campaigner Dani Ahrens, and has now been signed by more than 100 people.

She said: “The current junction at the bottom of Elm Grove is dangerous for people cycling, as tragically shown by the collision on Saturday 9th July, which resulted in a cyclist being seriously injured by a lorry turning left across his path.

The junction is also slow and difficult to use for people on foot. The multi-stage pedestrian crossings and railings obstruct the natural flow of people walking across the junction. People often avoid the crossings and cross at more convenient places.

The review should include a wide range of options for improving the junction, with the aim of making it safer and more convenient for people using healthy and non-polluting forms of transport.”

Among the suggestions put forward to do this are green lights for cycling only, removing railings, resiting pedestrian crossings and off-road cycle lanes connected to the Level.

However, ward councillor Emma Daniel said before any review was started, the circumstances of the accident should be investigated.

She said: “It’s important we find out what the circumstances were for this terrible accident before calling for any changes. We need to be campaigning from a position of greater knowledge.

“If the design of the junction was found to be a factor then I will support the campaign. It’s a tribute to our residents that they are so passionate about safe travel.”

  1. Benny Reply

    My feeling is that those responsible for design of roads in the area comprise the most incompetent department in the council. Still can’t believe the Brighton bypass outside the university that has traffic entering and exiting on the same stretch at 70 mph.

    Can’t the council employ some skilled professionals before more accidents like this? No traveller, eco or not, should be in danger.

  2. Rolivan Reply

    How can it be an accident if the driver of the truck was under the influence of Drugs Cllr Daniel?

  3. TImmy Reply

    What on earth are you talking about – where is there an entrance and an exit to the university on the by-pass and in any case the by-pass is the responsibility of the highways agency and not the council.

  4. Philip Hilton Reply

    There is nothing wrong with the junction as one lived in Elm grove for many years.
    As a lorry driver caused the accident in the first place by being under the influence of drugs, these people need to put the blame where it belongs.

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