Caravan and trailer crackdown to start on streets of Brighton and Hove

Posted On 28 Jul 2016 at 4:02 pm

A crackdown on caravans and trailers left out on the street is starting this week, the Brighton and Hove City Council said today (Thursday 28 July).

The council said: “A crackdown on trailers and caravans stored permanently on Brighton and Hove’s roads starts this week.

“The policy aims to improve the appearance of streets and free up parking spaces.

“Council officers will be on the lookout for any so-called non-motorised vehicles or NMVs. These include caravans and any other trailer-mounted or wheeled structure, ranging from boats to burger vans.

“In June the council voted to take action using provisions in the Highways Act 1980. This enables removal of NMVs, regardless whether anyone claims ownership.

“Previously, the council would only act on vehicles or NMVS which had been abandoned and no owner found.

“Lived-in vehicles are tackled by the council’s travellers team.

“In a survey earlier this year, 82 per cent of respondents said they supported action.

Councillor Gill Mitchell

Councillor Gill Mitchell

“In the first instance a notice will be attached to the trailer requesting its removal. If it remains a month later, a second notice will warn of its removal in 28 days.

“A charge will be made for the return of a trailer. Unclaimed NMVs will be sold or scrapped.

“Costs will be recouped by selling or scrapping NMVs or charging for their return.”

Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “Trailers and caravans stored on the streets make the area look chaotic and unloved. They are often in a poor state and attract antisocial behaviour.

“It’s not fair that people have to pay to park their car, yet trailers are being stored indefinitely free of charge, taking up valuable space.

“People have supported action and will be pleased this is happening.”

  1. David Whitmore Reply

    No problem, leave them in one of our parks, you won’t get bothered there

  2. Bungle Reply

    Will this also include the numerous motorhomes that litter the sides of the roads in the last few places that don’t have parking permits?

  3. Robin Blakeman Reply

    My rusty old bike (which I’d and ridden for just one week) was stolen when those bloody pikies were here yet, yet, yet again very recently ! My neighbour’s bike was also stolen, despite being “locked” !

  4. Brian Hatley Reply

    What about unsightly bikes chained to convenient street furniture (lamp posts, notice bollards etc)? In many cases, taking up most of the pavement space, with the handlebars and brake lever sticking out just at the height of a child’s eyes. Why don’t they ever get pinched and why can’t the council have them removed and recycled?

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