Brighton zip wire approved by planners

Posted On 12 Oct 2016 at 5:05 pm

The proposed Brighton zip wire has been approved by planners despite objections from some of those who live and work near by.

The £1.7 million attraction could be open by next Easter as a replacement for the Brighton Wheel which closed in May – shortly before the opening of the i360.

The zip wire will be about 330 yards or 300 metres long running from a tower 75ft or 22.5 metres high.

The ride would start from the Dalton’s Bastion site of the Brighton Wheel and finish in a boat-like structure in Madeira Drive opposite the bottom of Atlingworth Street.

Members of the Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee approved the scheme unanimously at Hove Town Hall this afternoon (Wednesday 12 October).

A café seating up to 140 people, with an open glass-fronted terrace, was approved as part of the application.

The developer said that the zip wire would attract about 32,000 visitors a year, based on a maximum of 24 riders an hour on the two cables.

It is planned to open the attraction from 10am until 11pm all year round although the weather is likely to restrict numbers at times.

Councillors were told that stag and hen parties and others who had been drinking would not be allowed on the ride

Councillor Lynda Hyde, who used to chair the committee, said that she was delighted that businesses were willing to invest in the seafront.

She said: “This is a fantastic application. I’ve seen people having fun and coming to the one on the seafront in Bournemouth.

“I think this will encourage day-trippers to come down. It’s an improvement to the area.”

She said that was worried about the metal finish proposed for the “boat” where people using the zip wire would land.

Councillor Hyde said: “We have two sculptures on the seafront which are rusting metal – the donut and the half-circle bowl – and they’re deeply unattractive.

“I support the application but I don’t want another piece of rusty metal on my seafront. Treated wood would be so much better.

“Would members rather see a lump of rusting metal or would they rather see something more attractive?”

Councillor Julie Cattell, who now chairs the committee, said: “I love the landing stage. I think the start looks like a helter skelter.

“This is a great for investment on our seafront. We have a strategy all the way to the Marina.

“I hope this is the first of many schemes that we will see coming forward.”

Delso Da Silva, from Paramount, said: “We’re really excited at the moment and really happy with the outcome. We just wanted to get started with it now.”

Mr Da Silva, who was general manager of the Brighton Wheel, added: “It’s all about getting the trade back to Madeira Drive and getting the jobs back there.”

He hoped that about 35 to 40 people – a mix of full and part-tie staff – would work at the attraction.

During the meeting, planning consultant Ian Coomber said: “Much has been said around noise but of course this site is far removed from immediate residential neighbours in an area with an audible PA system from the pier and nearby fish and chip café.

“In the summer this includes jetskis as well as an often quite intimidating and loud flocks of hungry seagulls. And a seagull can emit an 80-decibel squawk.”

  1. Martin Sinnock Reply

    Councillor Julie Cattell, who now chairs the committee, said: “…. I think the start looks like a helter skelter.”
    Blimey! Good observation skills. You could chair a committee with those sort of skills.

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    There are sure to be the usual Moaners, as there were about the Wheel – who then moaned about its being taken down! Whatever the other differences one might have, Lynda Hyde is always interestingly diligent on Planning. An eye for detail in the hefty reports, and invariably first to speak to an Agenda item. I well remember the cross-Party debate she, Penny Gilbey and I had when I Chaired it: a great hour over the three ghastly steps at Tudor Court in Rottingdean. These were slung out unanimously, and became the subject of a Planning thesis.

    • Allan Grainger Reply

      This is another ‘great’ idea – lets encourage more day-trippers, because on a sunny weekend there is hardly anybody in the city. It’s one of most peaceful cities on the south coast – there are hardly any cars on the roads at the weekends. Lets face it, we need more people to come to have fun and spend, spend, spend – because businesses need people and people need to shop. Why don’t we keep the shops open 24/7?

      Come on you moaners and join the council ‘visionaries’ and let’s really screw up this beautiful city with garbage ideas and consumer trash. This is the age of spectacular – welcome to the pleasure dome that is Brighton and Hove.

  3. Bold Seagull Reply

    Since when did Lynda Hyde become an art critic? In the planning committees I have attended, I must have missed her apparent background in art and design qualifying her for such subjective insights such as ‘deeply unattractive’. Perhaps in her new self appointed role as City Art Director, she might commission some work that sums up her politics – I’m sure it would be delightful on the eye…

  4. Unhappy Resident Reply

    As a resident of Atlingworth Street I’m disappointed to say goodbye to mine and my family home’s view for this. As well as the noise it’ll generate from users.

  5. R Reply

    Maybe they could use our money fixing the walk way? The fencing is horrible and been up far to long.

  6. Nia Reply

    The rusty metal donut, bowl and of course West Pier are the best parts of our seafront and totally appropriate. Does Linda honestly think rotting wood would look good, why oh why are these people on a planning committee no wonder our city is looking so bland. And what is happening with Soho house development here.???

  7. Matthew Lewins Reply

    Councillor Hyde, I have always quite liked the donut and the half pipe, my family also appreciate art.

  8. SAM HUNT Reply

    While I do quite like the idea of a zip-wire (even at the tender age of 42), who actually are these comments from exactly ‘might encourage day-trippers’ to Brighton? …..errr, we have thousands of day-trippers….it is BRIGHTON & we don’t have a problem with tourism – but we do have an ongoing housing crisis & no affordable housing! But hey-Ho, do continue piddling about with the fairground rides ruining our historical seafront in the process :-/

  9. Jools Reply

    I trust the zip-wire will be accessible to people with a disability. Lots of zip wires are. As to the rusty doughnut, that councillor should think about relocating to Dymchurch.

  10. peter benedict Reply

    Another cosy arrangement between the planning department and their old colleague working for the developers (in fact the same people who conspired to circumvent proper planning procedure on the Wheel). I love the way that the spokesman who claimed that the Wheel would regenerate the area and provide dozens of jobs (it did neither and the area became more run-down) has now persuaded a new set of gullible councillors of the same for a zipwire operated by the same company.

  11. Said n'Done Reply

    Is it operated by the same company or by Paramount Entertainments Limited; a company whose listed officers are not Messrs. Cleveley & Sanders as of old but now by Mesdames Cleveley & Sanders. The whole shebang have had more companies wound up between them than you could shake a stick at. Methinks there are inner workings afoot.

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