Brighton seafront scheme ‘will still happen’, says council leader

Posted On 27 Oct 2016 at 10:08 pm

A £60 million scheme to revamp one of Brighton’s prime seafront sites “will still happen”, according to council leader Warren Morgan.

In the meantime the site’s owner is putting up hoardings to improve the appearance of the site – the Aquarium Terraces, just to the east of the Sea Life Centre.

Private members’ club Soho House intends to demolish part of the site and revamp part of it, creating a club for members as well as restaurants open to the public.

Councillor Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “I’ve been chasing for progress on the redevelopment of the Aquarium Terraces for the past few months – and particularly over the past fortnight since the publication of the Seafront Strategy.

How the Aquarium Terraces looked when Terraces Bar and Grill was open

How the Aquarium Terraces looked when Terraces Bar and Grill was open

“I have established that Soho House are still committed to the scheme.

“I’m pleased to say hoardings are now being put up to hide the dilapidated buildings. They will have information on showing what the developers plan to do.

“We anticipate redevelopment starting in the coming months with the aim of opening the first phase in late summer or autumn 2017.

“I share people’s concern about the poor appearance of the site in such an important position, in the middle of our seafront shop window.

“We gave the main scheme planning permission back in April. Last month owners of the site lease, Brighton Seafront Regeneration Ltd, submitted another planning application required to finalise various details of the building such as materials and finishes. So things are moving ahead.

“In the meantime they are building a hoarding around the site to improve its appearance. That will also carry details of the scheme and provide some reassurance that the project is progressing behind the scenes and will still happen.”

  1. MARK FRY Reply

    The members won’t be welcomed by locals who see this as a large swathe of the sea view being sold off to the lowest bidder. I hope they like the lively and loud cabaret from Legends on a regular basis!

    • Mark Reply

      I’m sorry Mark, but this is just nonsense. Don’t try and speak for everyone in B&H. I’ve been a Soho House member for 15 odd years as I work in the creative industries, as do many in the city who will make up most of the visitors; local people, and have been badgering the club to do something here for years. I should also say that as someone born and bred in the city who has lived here all my life I’m not some ‘down from London’ character who is trying to turn the place into London Lite, and you will have trouble finding anyone who is as proud Brightonian as I am. I dont think most non members get that vast amounts of business is done in soho house venues; networking, deal making, collaborating, it’s not just a bar but a work venue essential to those who are freelance or have no fixed office. Soho house spend proper money on their venues, and when they commit to places they’re there for the long term. This site has been a chavvy mess for decades and if Soho House, or anyone can tidy it up and bring people to that part of the sea front that’s great as far as I’m concerned. We need more of this.

    • Alex Reply

      I agree with Mark Fry, the plans are a white wash eyesore completely obscuring the pier, there’s no need to build it above the clifftops whatsoever.

    • Alex Reply

      Other than giving private members privacy and a view at everyone else’s expense.

  2. Frankie 'Knuckles' Malone Reply

    Just what is the problem in this town with property schemes which are approved, but never start ?

    Preston Barracks, the Astoria site, The Fruit & Veg Market, and now the seafront, etc, etc.

    Gullible council leaders out of their depth ?

    Embarrassing and totally shameful.

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  4. Nia Reply

    The problem is the council give permission then impose so many condtions and variations to be met before any work or demolition can begin. By the time this goes back to planning takes forever or they give up. Anyone who hhas watched a webcast of a planning committee meeting will see it is like something from the last century.

  5. Al Bion-Street Reply

    According to the Telegraph and the Guardian, Soho House are having serious financial problems.
    I can foresee this project ending up like that Tesco in Cambridgeshire which was built but never opened.

  6. Al Bion-Hill Reply

    Not quite sure why my comment quoting publicly available details about Soho House’s financial difficulties has been removed. Has B&H News received a legal letter?

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