New Brighton traffic camera will clock your average speed

Posted On 13 Dec 2016 at 9:26 am

A new traffic camera along Marine Parade to be installed this week will measure motorists’ average speed, the first such camera to be used in Brighton and Hove, and the first permanent one in Sussex.

An ASC on the M90 by Craig Murphy on Flickr

An ASC on the M90 by Craig Murphy on Flickr

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is replacing the fixed safety camera currently in place on the A259 with the new Average Speed Camera (ASC).

It will also be putting one at Hastings between the Marina and Grosvenor Crescent.

ASCs have previously been used on the A23 during the Handcross to Warninglid improvement works. Edward Preece of the Safety Camera Team said of these: “These cameras were a key part of the safety initiative being applied whilst the construction was underway.

“This had the aim of reducing collisions, reducing injuries, and mitigating congestion issues related to a reduction in the speed limit through the road works. Journey times improved between Bolney and Pease Pottage, and we attained an improved speed limit compliance rate.”

The aim of the ASCs are to improve compliance to the speed limits, and improve congestion, commuter times, and safety.

The Brighton cameras will be put up this Thursday and Friday , one at the end of Lewes Crescent, and one at The Lanes Hotel and the and should go live early next year, with warnings in place advising motorists of any updates as the project progresses. The existing camera housings will remain in situ until the average speed enforcement system becomes operative.

Brighton. Marine Parade adjacent to Lewes Crescent eastern end, The Lanes Hotel and by the Madeira Drive adjacent to the Madeira Café on the western end.

On a recent week-long survey carried out in July 2016, it was found that at the Brighton site, 8.9% and 5.1% of drivers (through each point of the site) were above 36mph.

  1. Rolivan Reply

    It is the widest single lane road in The City.Just another revenue collector.How many accidents in The last 5 years due to speeding only?

    • Steph Reply

      This is the reason there are accidents… is not a single lane as many people seem to think, it is two lanes for majority of the road (minus a few areas where it reduces down to one) but people always decide to sit in the middle and claim the entirety of the road!

      • Fred Reply

        It’s one lane. Where there are two lanes, there will be a line separating them. Simple really!

  2. Anne Gasnola Reply

    What is the limit at the end of the M23? I thought it was 60 after the M25. But most traffic is going 80—-90 There is no speed limit any where.

    • Pete Reply

      It’s a dual carriageway (with 3 lanes) on the A23, it has the same speed limit as the motorway M23 or M25, 70mph. Nothing has been changed, so if your coming off the M25 & dropping down to 60mph on the M23, most cars will whizz by.

    • Marley Reply

      Dual carriageways have a speed limit of 70 mph depending upon the type of vehicle you’re driving. Methinks you should revise the Highway code ?

    • Lewi Reply

      And u wonder why women have a bad name for driving

  3. garry Reply

    are the cameras in several locations as are required to measure the average speed

    • Lewi Reply

      No they are going to guess your average speed ??

  4. steve jenkins Reply

    cash machine.

  5. Paulbysea Reply

    Good. To many drivers speed along this road.

    • Chris W Reply

      So increase the speed limit, much cheaper!!

  6. Bert Reply

    More revenue for the council.

  7. Paul Reply

    Did they also do a survey at the same time as to how many drivers sit hogging the outside Lane when the inside Lane is completely empty. They are no better than the person who sits in the middle Lane of the motorway

    • Mr T Reviewer Reply

      No the survey was only intended to monitor speeds at which the council can fine drivers further. If the the survey was for safety purposes, only then would lane hogging, side-ways driving and safety speeds have been monitored.

  8. Paul Reply

    I did leave a reply but someone has removed it

  9. Matt Reply

    This is nothing more than cash generation.

    Speed doesn’t kill, the idiots behind the wheel kill.
    As a biker, I cannot even tell you how many idiots I see on our roads using mobile phones while driving, eating/putting on make up, no seatbelts and not putting headlights on at appropriate times.
    This doesn’t even include the stuff you cannot see, like no Licence, Insurance and MOT!
    So, how about we quit the cash generation under the guise of “safety” and actually get more police on the roads, to police the things that actually cause the damage and pain…

    • Debs Reply

      Speed does kill it reduces your stopping distance/time and make the difference between injury in an RTC and death! If a drunken idiot travelling at 50 in a 30 doesn’t see you stop because their chatting to their bestie on the phone? This is going to somewhat reduce your chance of living! I agree with you re police though, no where near enough anymore!!

  10. Richard Reply

    Absolute Joke took me 30 minutes to go from Hove to the Pier then the one bit of road where on rare occasions you can do 30 despite all the idiots insisting on doing 20 in the right hand side..the money grabbing scheme wants to congest it even more..Show us the statistics of speed related accidents! Now I will watch my speedo rather than watch the road

    • Daniel Reply

      If you can’t keep an eye on your speed and the road, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive

  11. Nick Reply

    If you don’t want them to make money from it then don’t break the law. It’s a really simple principle. Regardless of what you think about it, anyone who is caught and fined are people who have broken the law. You can’t justify it by saying that people who break other laws are worse. You are just the same. It’s about simple physics, higher speed = longer thinking and stopping distance and more damage to whatever or whoever is hit. Generally for the sake of aging yourself no time at all as the person travelling at the speed limit then catches up with you at the next set of red lights or traffic.

    • Chris Reply

      Nick you are working on the assumption that there are only rule breakers and people who don’t break the rules. Many people inadvertently on a rare occasion will exceed the desired speed. If you did claim that you have never done this you would either not been telling the truth or have not realised. It’s not unreasonable to review the evidence as to whether the general speeding of this type by relative innocents are caught or whether extremely bad drivers become more aware and commit their offences elsewhere on less monitored roads. It’s deemed to be a cash collector because it perhaps punishes extreme offenders but ultimately ends up penalising more ordinary generally law abiding people.

  12. marc Reply

    it will stop the buses and taxis doing over the limit…..they often are doing alot more than 30mph and with passengers on board …..its simple dont speed dont get fined …..

  13. Otto Reply

    Cash cow. Ker-Ching.

  14. Trevor Redman Reply

    What I find ironic is when these individuals that steal cars/drive using phones that crash, often injuring and killing innocent people and making life a misery for whole families ; the sentences they receive are generally pathetic, perhaps if we were genuinely interested in road safety we would do more about it. Oh that requires effort and doesn’t make easy cash. Speed cameras are beneficial if it is backed up by accident stats. Perhaps I am the only person that has this view?

  15. Wags Reply

    How about spending the revenue from speeding fines, parking fines and parking charges to repair the city’s roads? They are an absolute disgrace and dangerous

  16. Yes please Reply

    Put the same plate on a few cars then drive them up and down for 30 minutes sends the system into meltdown if you get your timing right

    • B$H resident Reply

      Not sure it would send the system into melt down unless you have loads of cars doing that….. These look like the same cameras that are on the roads going into and around London…… I saw some recently on the north circular that are the same yellow ones with the ‘Siemens’ logo on the side. If they can cope with London traffic volume then I’m sure they can handle the seafront

  17. Bob Reply

    More cameras! No privacy anywhere, it never catches the bad drivers who hog both lanes or drive 20mph in the right hand lane….
    These people should be fined!
    There are 2 lanes along the majority of the seafront…2!!!!(not 1)

    • Not selfish Reply

      Lane huggers do my nut in , I drive all over Europe and it’s only gone that we lane hug , in most of Europe they o my ever use the 3rd lane to overtake . There’s always a lane open to overtake .

  18. Pissed off Reply

    Stupid ! Speed cameras don’t slow traffic down they just generate revenue ! If they want to slow traffic down stick a speed bump or a little chicane or anything else that ppl have to slow down for , the thieves !

  19. The Dude!! Reply

    Very true pissed off !
    What’s worse is that despite all the cash the generate from it the infrastructure is still in disarray . It is shocking !

  20. Peter Reply

    Speed limits of 30 mph have been around for many years, for as long as I can remember and with very few accidents, Brighton as we all know this is not about safety it’s about money Brighton charges the highest parking charges in England again not for safety reasons but for greed, with a £33 million surplus this makes Brighton a very profitable business, what with parking attendants, tow away hit squads and cameras, Brighton can now afford staff to constantly focus on money making ideas, even with £millions from these charges Brighton will no doubt put Council tax up, luckily I have no interest in going into Brighton and will go out of my way to spend my money elsewhere mainly car friendly towns.
    I don’t understand how they get planning permission for all these projects all I ever hear is it happening, and speed doesn’t kill I have been driving 41 years and see as many accidents now as I did all them years ago, anyone remember the green cross code to teach pedestrians how to cross a road ? And roads now have bus lanes, cycle lanes, roundabout which was to keep traffic moving but most now have traffic lights to slow the traffic down, and signs every 10 ft telling you what you can’t do.
    I personally would do away with the 20 mph speed limits apart from outside schools and hospitals, and raise them everywhere and start getting traffic moving again that way we wouldn’t have to speed £billions on the A27 as Councils and highways have caused so many problems.

  21. bradly Reply

    how does it work? if i slow down to 5 mph, for exapmle, in the middle, what speed can i drive to prevent a fine?

    • Gav Reply

      160 mph for the duration

  22. Roger Reply

    From my understanding of these type of cameras, you go through the first one, then the second camera, the time it takes is measured, and that is what gives the accurate speed. What if you join the road between the cameras, as far as I can see, there are at least 10 turnings onto the seafront road, so you join that road between the cameras and speed along going through the second camera, how can that measure your speed with no reference point, as you have not gone through the first camera. These cameras were designed to be used on stretches of road with no turn offs, how is this going to do anything but increase traffic on smaller roads in Kemptown, what a waste of money and time, if the council/police really want to cut down on speeding motorists, get more bobbies out there, instead of these cash making schemes.

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