Arrested for being ill – Brighton patient held after being falsely accused of handing in fake prescription

Posted On 24 Jan 2017 at 4:41 pm

A Brighton patient was wrongly arrested after taking a prescription to a pharmacist who suspected that it was fake.

When the pharmacist asked IC24, the out of hours doctor service whether it had issued the prescription, the company said no – even though it had.

The patient was arrested by Sussex Police in November and left without the medication that had been prescribed.

IC24 has since seen the prescription and confirmed that it was not fraudulent, NHS commissioners were told this afternoon (Tuesday 24 January).

A report to the Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) governing body said: “The patient was seen by an IC24 doctor in A&E where consultations are recorded on a different IT system.

“The CCG has met with IC24, together with the police, to ensure immediate actions are in place to ensure this cannot happen again.”

  1. John Sweeney Reply

    “Computer says no – arrest him?”

  2. malcolm marshall Reply

    No body allowed to be sick in the UK because Tory’s say so.

  3. Valerie Paynter Reply

    The person arrested should SUE for false arrest and deserves compensation. This incident might have cost someone their LIFE. I am increasingly concerned by the deterioration of the GP service, the referrals service and behaviour of people charged with medical provision and responsibility for our LIVES. The CCG’s are not fit for purpose.

    Because of my own permanent health situation and ongoing needs over many years I have been all too aware of the slide. It dates from the turn of the millenium. And if mistakes are made’ that old maxim “blame the patient” is whipped out and plastered over the files. That is how pressured they are. they cannot cope. They cannot be trusted to even be honest.

  4. Benny Reply

    Love our GP mostly. Far better than some of the idiots practising in the Brighton area. Crazy that everyone knows who the idiots are – yes we talk to each other – but they’re still in practice. We’ve gone private insurance/referrals (expensive) because Brighton healthcare is amateur

  5. Robert Philpot Reply

    OUTRAGEOUS! Let me guess that the patient may have had a previous issue with the police (it would have had to have been a scheduled drug) so the police were able to intimidate him or her into not making a formal complaint. Sufficient compensation should be paid so that the issuing authority NEVER allow this to happen again. Let’s have the FULL details please.

  6. Charlie Reply

    I’m desperately fighting to stay at my current surgery as I’ve moved just out of catchment. I DO NOT want to put my health in the hands of one of the many doctors who are so over worked and underfunded, they don’t want to prescribe my pricey longterm meds! I suffer a lifelong illness, and symptoms are ever evolving so I need competent medial care.

    I’m lucky insofar as I’m aware of the varying competence of the many doctors in Brighton & Hove. I may end up going private just to get the care the NHS should provide as standard…

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