Palm oil warning after huge nugget found in Ovingdean

Posted On 28 Feb 2017 at 10:53 am

Dog walkers have been told to look out for palm oil on Brighton’s beaches after a huge hunk of the toxic substance was found by a local artist near the Ovingdean Gap cafe.

Stacey Manser-Knight was helping to tidy up the beach here when she came across the palm oil. She sent a picture to 2minutebeachclean, who tweeted out a warning yesterday.

This morning, Newhaven Coastguard repeated the warning, and asked anyone who spots any in Brighton and Hove to report to the city council’s environmental health team.

German Doner Kebab

It posted on Facebook: “DOG WALKERS BEWARE. We are seeing reports this morning of a substance which may be Palm Oil (or similar) on the beach in the Rottingdean & Saltdean areas. Any sightings should be reported to your local Council Environmental Health Officer.”

  1. Anne Reply

    Last week I was in Telscombe and there was 2 ft deep of foam, it was blowing up and over the cliff. Looked like detergent

  2. Ben Reply

    Are they sure it’s palm oil and not ambergris?

  3. Jay Reply

    My bordercollie goes no where near anything like This!! I think the owners should be looking out for there dogs when walking them, 2 years back I was walking my dog and was on telecoms beach to notice one day he was digging something up I ran Upton him within seconds, to find it was just a stone, owners are responsible to look after there pets!! And when walking them just watch them like a child!!

  4. Jane Wrin Reply

    I thought palm oil came from … a palm tree! It’s why they are burning down entire forests, all animals burnt alive, to grow palms which produce the oil.

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